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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The new era begins

JJ Abram's new Star Trek movie has indeed done the unthinkable and rejuvenated the ailing Star Trek franchise. With an all new cast (bar one awesome guest star), a bold new direction and production values that are far beyond anything ever seen in a Star Trek film before, the classic icon of space-based Science Fiction entertainment is reborn for a new generation.

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Chris Pine was a controversial choice for Kirk when he was announced in the role, but he has turned out to be every bit the cocky upstart we'd hoped Kirk would be. Spock is spot on, or even Spock-on, if you will.

The action in this brand new Star Trek film looks fantastic. Simon Pegg as Scotty is great, if a bit manic. Karl Urban did seem a bit dark for Bones, but again he has nailed the part. The same goes for the rest of the cast. The effects look incredible and the production itself looks like no other Star Trek property ever before. Quite frankly, we finally have a massive-scale film that does the Star Trek name justice. Fans haven't been able to claim that since First Contact or even The Wrath of Khan!

It does seem that Abrams and his band of merry revisionists have created the only thing that made sense- an incarnation of Star Trek that is totally viable for a modern film audience. The look, the cast and the style of the film looks like the original Star Trek would if it had been created brand new now, but it still maintains enough of the classic elements to be recognizably Trek.

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It is amazing to think that after all these years in limbo, the Star Trek universe is about to be the coolest thing around. Mr Abrams, you've made a lot of fans angry, but you've made even more very happy indeed, and see those other guys at the side? That's the new generation of fans that will be flocking to the cinema to go where nobody has gone before. Awesome.

The next Star Trek film is already being prepped and plotted, according to JJ Abrams. The first movie in the new era of Star Trek has impressed execs so much that they are eager to get the first sequel underway as soon as possible. The new franchise, essentially an alternate universe retelling of the Star Trek franchise, looks set to take us on many adventures to come.

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suZen said...

Guess I'm an oldie but goodie - can't imagine Star Trek without the originial cast - I know, I know, get over it! :)