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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Protect Yourself in Times of Recession

World economies are on the brink of falling down to its lowest levels in years, and many companies are being affected, forcing others to shut down, sold to or merge with other companies, or forced to cut down its work forces. Such consequences affect many professionals losing their jobs, and scavenge for survival to get back the lifestyles that were once enjoyed during the years of prosperity.

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How do you protect yourself from recession? Having to depend solely on your present employer for survival puts you, not on a solid foundation of your career, but on a shaky ground totally dependent on the 'once thought of' solid foundation of your company's business. The moment your company falls, your career and your family's survival falls with it.

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To protect yourself during times of worst economy or recession, the best way to do is to place your career on a solid foundation of having multiple streams of income. Having another source of income disperse your dependency on many sources. In the event that your company is shutting down or cutting jobs, you won't need to panic because you already have other sources of income which you can expand and grow, to even exceed what you are earning with your full time job.

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To determine what other source of income that is best suited for you, first you have to determine your core competencies and skills, as well as the nature of work that you love to do. Your skills should match your interests; otherwise, you won't stay long or persevere enough to last in your part-time job.

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If you have been working for more than a year, then you should have developed a skill in doing efficiently in your current job. Use those skills and transform them into money. Somehow, your skills are also needed by someone elsewhere. All you need to do is to connect yourself with those people who also need your skills; and one of the best ways to do that is to go online and search for online freelance jobs that match your skills.

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Online freelance job is becoming popular as more professionals need to earn more income to survive during times of recession. It also protects you in the event of being laid-off as you still have other income to support you. By starting an online freelance job today, you are also building a good profile which you can use to support your qualification and credibility in your future applications.

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Today, in a world abundant with high technologies and the availability of internet to reach out globally within seconds, having an online freelance job comes easier with the availability of many freelance sites that provides the venue for service seekers to outsource works to other people, and for service providers to offer their services to people who needs their skills and talents. So to protect yourself from recession, get an online freelance job now, and get as many sources of income as you can to put your career on a rock-solid foundation.

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