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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's a Movie date

Everybody has a different idea about their dream date. Some look forward to a romantic candlelight dinner in a nice restaurant and some prefer hiking or other activities. Now if you are running short of money to arrange a lavish date then this is a pocket friendly idea to go for a movie with your date. The expenses are not too high but you will have ample time to be together and enjoy something interesting together. In fact the teenagers often find this a great idea to go for movies on the dates. Now this is not always necessary to watch the movie in a hall. You can also try the combination of a romantic DVD, some flavored popcorns and the two of you at home. There are few movies which have always been in the favorite list of the lovers. They are evergreen and can simply turn your date on with their intense passionate appeal. So here are the names of the romantic films that you can watch with your date to make it an exciting evening.

Often lovers have fantasized about the ultimate summit they can reach for their partner. The pinnacle of romance has been portrayed in this movie with extreme intricacy. The two characters fall in love hastily, they immerge in each other and are parted so abruptly that almost everyone will have to shed drops of tears while watching them. When you watch this movies with your date, both of you will surely get touched with the extreme passion and intense pain of love.

Hence this is one of the best movies that you should watch together.

Love story
This is another movie that will surely bring you to tears. This is a perfect blend of all sorts of emotions that you can expect to experience in a single life. There is romance which is extremely enduring and obstacles as well. The actors have made the characters alive onscreen with their proficiency and talent. Though this is an universal truth that romance often brings in gloom but still this is the best thing that can ever happen to you. This is vividly featured in this movie and is a perfect watch for the two of you.

Pretty women
You will have your own reason to watch this movie. It might be the sweetness of the pair-Richard Gere and Julia Roberts or the uniqueness of the story. Years have passed down but the movie has not lost its romantic appeal to the worldwide audience. This is quite sure that your date and you will simply adore it and feel the intensity of love in your hearts. Watching any of these movies can be a great
option for a date.

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