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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Breaking Relationships

Help for Relationships

Almost half of the marriages fail out of which a major chunk don’t even make it past the first year. Understanding the cause can really help a lot of marriages. Some of the reasons which lead marriages in divorce are lack of proper communication, issues of finances or in some cases the circumstance in which the marriage took place. These issues can be found in any marriage however the essence lies in how these problems are tackles as in otherwise it can lead to a failure in the wedlock.

Communication is necessary for any relationship not only marriage to thrive. Without proper communication the couple individually do not even come to know that the other partner has a problem let alone talking a solution out for it. Communication is not only essential for facing problems but also to feed the relationship. Only through effective communication can the partners have a chance to share passions, hopes, ambitions, etc apart from a healthy manner of resolving their issues. Without effective communication a marriage is definite to end in a failure.

Love may be all it takes for people to whole heartedly marry however it takes something called money also to keep a marriage alive. While financial strains by themselves may not be the direct reason for a failed marriage, the tension coming from these financial high-lows are more than enough to land a marriage in rough waters and in a lot of cases, failure. What happens more often than not is that one partner becomes picky about the financial affairs within the marriage which can be detrimental to marriages.

Not only that but also situations prevailing and the milieu around the marriage can cause failure. A marriage of convenience is more often than not one that has a failure at its end. When there is the decision to marry out of reasons other than the fact that there is love between the two, the marriage is hard to fair well. Some classic examples of the above mentioned situation prevail when the decision to marry is made because of expecting a baby by accident or pressure from friends and family, etc. None of these reasons are good enough reasons for wedlock and there is a very strong possibility of failure in the marriage. When a marriage is made without love in the hearts of the partners the marriage is doomed even before it’s begun. Marriage at a very young age is yet another reason for failure being the result. In many cases there is a lot of resentfulness in the partners because of marrying in at a very young age and not having the opportunity to enjoy life.

Help for relationships

The fact that nowadays the society at large does not give that much importance to marriage as it used to or as it should is disheartening. Today it is just another way of life for partners to live in together and also have children without getting married at all. This undermining concept understated the very sanctity of marriage and hence results in a very high level of failed marriages.

A goodish amount of marriages today are doomed to fail even before they start. Gone are the days when marriage was viewed as a necessary step in a relationship. Hence the couples today are quick to divorce without giving it the amount of thought required to resolve issues.

Lack of communication, financial difficulties, circumstances in which the marriage was given a go-ahead are all thriving problems that do cause many a marriage to fail.

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