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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Towards Marriage

All over the world, there are so many attitudes towards marriage. According to a poll by Gallup international, almost half of young unmarried Americans between the ages of 20 to 29 are ready to have marriage abolished. With the recent statistics on marriage and divorce, you can not blame them. Many agree that marriage should only be for people who are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Attitudes towards marriage are influenced by many factors in society. For example, the divorce rate and so on. Culture also affects attitudes towards marriage. In countries where this union is cherished, more and more people will be of the sentiment that marriage is a good institution and should live on. Religion also plays a major role in influencing these attitudes. Christians, Muslims, Hindus and others cherish the marriage institution. For this reason, marriage to many of them will be a good thing for every member of society. Those people who have bad attitudes towards marriage are mainly concerned about longevity of marriage.

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They fear that it will not be as stable as they would want it to be. Others are against marriage because they deem it as an old concept that is no longer workable in today's complex world. People come with different opinions and, they will never agree. Therefore, it is wise to consider what marriage entails and, what the benefits and losses for marriage are. First, people who get married find a partner or a companion. You do not have to go through life alone. For this reason, statistics have shown that people who get married live longer than their counterparts who do not. Life was built for people who are in communion with each other. We are social beings and we all have the yearning to be close to people in an intimate way. Therefore, this is a good enough reason to cherish the marriage institution. Children who have grown up in a marriage situation are healthier and perform better in school and life in general. This is because they have the experience of being raised by a man and a woman.

For this reason, marriages bring up children in a wholesome way which manages to raise good men and women in society. This shows that the institution is full of merits. Marriage entitles couples to a host of legal benefits. In the United States couples enjoy 1,400 legal rights and benefits upon signing their marriage certificate. On the down side, marriage comes with very many implications. Let us begin with legal issues. If you have assets or property, you spouse becomes entitled to half of what you have upon marriage. This creates a loop hole where people can get married to you for this reason alone. Since half of all marriages are ending in divorce, a lot of legal tussle is involved. So much time and money is spent on legal aspects. Upon divorce or separation couples will suffer some trauma not forgetting the children. Their attitude in life might be altered and many never fully recover. Marriage is supposed to be for life but, many never live up to their vows. The above concerns are genuine and marriage can prove to be complex.

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