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Monday, April 20, 2009

Finish the paint, Matte Paint finish?

After getting through one of the most overwhelming tasks in home painting which is choosing the right color and you thought you are finished with decision making, then comes another selection to go through. Paint finishes are what helps you achieve the texture you prefer –rich, sleek, or average and the durability that the room requires, making the result last for the longest possible time. With the right color and finish, you can turn any home into the ultimate haven of relaxation and beauty whether you are in Long Island, California, Texas, Florida or Hong Kong!.

Matte Paint Finish

Also referred to as a flat finish, this does not offer any sheen when the paint has dried. The beauty of a matte finish, compared with other paint finishes, lies in its bare simplicity. Because it does not reflect light, but rather absorbs light, it is perfect in camouflaging wall imperfections such as cracks and small bumps. It serves as a great choice for painting ceilings as well as for use in low-traffic areas. As they do not wash well, it is not ideal for kid’s rooms, baths and kitchens. And even with the washable types advertised today, touching up scratches and marks may still need a bit of paint.

Eggshell Paint Finish

As the name indicates, the paint finish will give an appearance like that of an eggshell. Though of low sheen, it is among the top choices of contractors and designers in adding artwork to walls like murals. Even through repeated washings, an eggshell paint finish is able to maintain its look making it ideal for use in rooms where the need for beauty and durability to go hand in hand is a must. As it does not absorb stains and can withstand scrubbing, it is most popular in baths and kitchens.

Satin Paint Finish

Offering that smooth, velvety look that lasts a satin paint finish is most often used to paint ceilings, doors, windows and trims. Other than these, it can also be used for walls and particularly ideal for areas receiving lots o traffic. As it holds up to light scrubbing and washing, it can be used for baths, kitchens and kid’s rooms.

Semi Gloss Paint Finishes

Semi gloss paint finishes afford any interior surface a subtle sheen that is great at highlighting. Its reflective nature does not make it helpful if you are trying to cover up any flaw in the walls or imperfections in application. It is ideally used on cabinets, doors, trim and woodwork. In the old days, it was a popular choice for walkways, baths, and kitchens but today, even if it can stand the conditions, it is not as popular.

Glossy Paint Finishes

Careful surface preparation is crucial when opting to use glossy paint finishes as its very high reflectivity makes just the littlest of blemishes magnified. Though not a good candidate for your interior walls, this can create the most dramatic effects on your furnishings. Especially for very formal or contemporary designed rooms, your cabinets and trim can add a touch of sleekness with glossy paint finishes.

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suZen said...

Great informative blog on paint. I love matte walls with shiny woodwork and floors. I always make sure I have touch up paint handy tho. I'm forever moving art work around, patching nail holes etc. and found matte the only way to go.

jim said...

Your writing is very to the point and explanatory. A complete novice to your world will leave having an understanding, even the subtle nuances, of finishes. I'm not clear if the photos are of the home you live in.
It looks very neat and the hardwood floors have lowered maintenance, but it doesn't look lived in, no kid stuff or maybe it was primped up for the photo shoot.
Nice writing.