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Monday, April 20, 2009


Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. They are also a place used daily to get freshness and relaxation from the daily stress and strains of life a good shower after a hard days work is priceless-sometime you do not want to step out of the shower-you just want to enjoy the warm invigorating burst of hot massaging water on your skin..

Consider these factors and ideas when transforming your bathroom:

1.Tiles-if these are worn and tired looking the try stenciling the tiles to create a new and fresher looking room remember the tiles need to be sealed to stop the stencil falling off with excessive heat and to make them waterproof.

2.add a stylish mixer tap to create a look of elegance

3.wash and wipe down shower screens,taps and walls with a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar.

4.add storage to reduce the clutter and create a spacious look to the bathroom

5.a colourful mat will enhance the beauty of any bathroom

6.if you want to create a trully wonderful look the add a vitorian rolltop or free standing bath-the ultimate in luxury.

7.consider a slimline heated towel rail or radiator,these can add a look of "diffenence" to the entire room.

8.lighting can also transform the look and feel of the room-a shower spotlight can be a start with different coloured spotlights adding a finished look to the small but otherwise transformed room.

9.If you have a combined bath toilet then look into installing a "cloakroom" toilet if you are short ofspace-this type of WC fits neatly in the corner of your room giving you more space than the conventional toilet.You can also fit a "cloakroom" sink at the same time helping to make your space go that little bit further.

10.A nice bath mat with a colour co-ordinated toilet seat cover will add a splsh of warmth to the cold looking room.

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I found this post fascinating and words cannot describe the beauty of the images you have given your viewers.