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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life without Shoes

Basic necessities such as food, clothes, shoes and shelter are very essential for a human life but POVERTY is a threat to poor people who suffer a lot as they cannot fulfill their basic needs in their life. If the basic needs is not fulfilled, it will be very difficult to sustain a normal life. According to statistics India is the second largest populated country in the world. Many poor children run around streets and beg for food. The recent oscar winner "Slumdog millionaires" depicts a glimpse of young children in severe poverty. It is not their mistake but due to the poverty in which they lead their life. The poor people without their knowledge make many children and later they cannot look after their kids.

There was an instance where the mother left her kid in the corner of some house and walked away. The owner of the house saw and took the child to the police station saying that someone has left their child in the balcony of his house. Later they took the help of the media to search whose was that child. Unfortunately the media was of no help as no one came to rescue the child. And hence the police put the child in the orphanage home. They do not have courtesy towards their own child.

That child was on one side a lucky child as he is getting good education, food to eat, clothes and shelter to stay. But on the other end he seems to be very unlucky that he lost his mother's care and affection which every child have to get in its childhood.In some cases the poor children who are left alone would show their talents in theft or robbery. The children's life is so sensitive that if not tamed properly in right path it would lead to disastrous end to their lives.
Children in these countries walk miles in their bare feet every day to fetch water, work on their farm lands, go to school, or perform other chores. For many of them, the first priority is to take care of their families.

Find out more about - Barefoot Challenge
Going barefoot from April 19 to 25 will give people the time to reflect and raise awareness about the injustices facing children in our world. And when people ask you why you don’t have shoes, you can tell them because too many children around the world don’t either.

Go bare feet on those days above and make change – one step at a time.


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Teresa Silverthorn said...

What a beautiful thing you have done by writing this post. Thank you for sharing this important information. I especially appreciated seeing the words of Gandhi...how appropriate.

SISTA42 said...

I must agree with Teresa, we need more caring people like yourself in the world.