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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The phone rang

The phone rang and it was from overseas. My wife answered the phone and after 10 minutes, her voice began to rush like the melting ice flowing in to the great river. The news wasn't good and needless to say we may not be spending Christmas together as a family for the first time. She had to make a trip back home to Hong Kong. Her father health is deteriorating and will be undergoing some additional cancer treatments. The prognosis is a big unknown. My son came home from school and he knew from our faces that something was wrong. He quietly played by himself with his trains in his room leaving mommy and daddy alone. Mommy was worried for grandpa's health and grandma's heart. Later that evening, mommy decided to check on our little boy but she found him kneeling by his bed. He was praying for Grandpa.

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