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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 365 days a year

Overall Christmas was great in our household. There is a living room full of boxes right now that we’ll have to get clean up tonight so that it will be in a nice organized pile of chaos. Garbage men must HATE the holidays because of all the extra boxes they have to pick up. Only weekend that might be worse is move in weekend with all the colleges. That can’t be fun either. Tip the garbage man would be a nice thing to do.

I have the next 30 days to look forward to since my wife will be leaving for the Orient on coming Sunday and my son keep asking me, who is going to cook daddy? I kept telling him, don't worry son, daddy can cook and we will manage. My son gives me a very skeptical look after that and he seem to cling on to mommy even more these days. I try bribing him today and another Thomas train but that only lasted for 15 minutes and he was right back to mommy's arm again. Well, I guess I will worry about that later when mommy does leave on Sunday. I thought up a few things in the meantime to perhaps take my mind off and here they are.

Here are a few suggestions for how you can live the spirit of Christmas every day of the year.

1) Continue to look for opportunities to give to others throughout the coming year. Harness the same thoughtfulness you had at Christmas to intentionally bless those who are less fortunate in the months ahead.

2) Keep a CD of Christmas songs in your home, car, or iPod and listen to these songs throughout the year. The messages of these songs are just as relevant in the summer months!

I still have a problem, my son is still asking me...daddy who's going to cook when mommy is not here..can we move in with the neighbors? That mommy will be there all year round! :)

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abby villa said...

definitely, christmas songs are for anytime of the year...