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Monday, December 22, 2008

History will tell

George Bush and his legacy as president of the United States — what do you think? Is it too early to tell since the war on terror will mark the legacy of his presidency?

When Bush was sworn in eight years ago, who would have thought things would have turned out in this manner? Even folks in his own party have dismissed him, opposed his leadership and pleas, and he was widely ignored at his own party’s convention. Now I know that 9/11 changed everything, but who would have think? President Bush done some good things, and I think he deserve more credit — as others have — for his substantive work and commitment to issues of global poverty and terrorism.

History will remember Mr. Bush as the liberator of 50 million Muslims, the pioneer of faith based assistance in government, higher standards in public education, valiant and successful protector of America in her hours of need, and the initiator of reforms in Social Security that were refused by democrats,

While contemporary commentators may condemn President Bush, historians will condemn them in due season. George W. Bush was/is a great and historical president in my humble opinion.

Read about Karl Rove's defend for President Bush. He defended him in the Lion's Den.

1 comment:

Sporn said...

Do you honestly think the introduction of faith based ideas is a good thing? And the 50,000,000 muslims "liberated" liberated from what?