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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog from a Vacation

There’s a general feeling that we bloggers can write from any location, anywhere world wide. Portable computers and WiFi suggest that physical location is irrelevant. You could blog about stocks from a beach in Thailand, new Apple gear from a snow bank in Maine, or culinary adventures from a carpeted airport floor.

But after a vacation in a more rural environment in Asia last year around this time, my opinion of “blog anywhere” has changed. I brought my laptop, but my access to the internet was limited, as was my interest in writing due to a flurry of holiday activity, like non stop delicios tropical fruits and to die for food cuisines.

My experience: Some places I stayed at lacked Internet access (don’t ask) while others didn’t have WiFi. At one point I resorted to transferring files to another computer via burned CD.

A basic level of physical comfort is required for inspiration. Imagine being locked in a completely empty room with only an Internet-enabled computer and a television. After a few weeks of confinement, you may be unmotivated to write.

In conclusion, the dream of blogging while on the go is achievable, but you may want to consider your blogging needs and where you draw inspiration before leaving home. It’s more complex than just packing a portable computer and vowing to write when time permits. I’ll definitely blog a bit smarter next time I board a plane!


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