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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bad Christmas Vacation?? Oopps

Why does movies starring two people I normally like have to look as terrible as Four Christmases? Why? First off, there's that terrible conceit, completely set up and given away in the trailer: Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon never spend Christmas with their families, but this year they get stuck at the airport and their families see them on the news (how many times has that happened to you? I know! All the time, right?!) so they can't avoid Christmas any longer. For them, that means four Christmases, though, and all of them are full of famous people in roles that make them look like idiots: Jon Favreau as a musclehead (and if that's really what he looks like now, I have to know if he's been using supplements, or steroids, because I remember just a few years ago when he was fat); Robert Duvall as Vaughn's pervy dad; Sissy Spacek as Vaughn's mom, who's dating a much younger man, who was Vaughn's best friend in school; Kristin Chenoweth and Mary Steenburgen as Reese's sister (I think) and mom, respectively. There are very hilarious and original jokes, such as: Reese used to be fat and Vince sees a picture and makes fun of her. She gets trapped in the bounce house with a bunch of rowdy kids. Vince's brothers (trained UFC fighters) beating the you know what out of him. A baby projectile-vomits on Reese's cute black dress. Um, yeah, hilarious. I think it's so funny that I'll avoid seeing it so that I don't hurt myself with the laughing. I need to check out more Movie Reviews before watching a similar movie.

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