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Monday, December 8, 2008

Hermes for Christmas

These come at the heels (literally and figuratively) of the first Crocs Lena pair (in bronze) I received last month, also from the Haligi and the Haligilet.

I am hoping against hope that the second installment would involve that coveted Parisian luxury brand that comes in that oh so familiar orange and black box. Yes, guilty as charged, I want that Hermes for Christmas! Now would someone please wake me up from my deep slumber? :D

But who wouldn't want to receive that gift of Hermes? With it's exclusive line of wares, fragrances and leathergoods, owning an Hermes is every woman's dream!

Over at stylehive.com, get a load of Hermes via a drool-worthy slideshow. Be it be that coveted Birkin or Kelly, that classy and versatile scarf, that posh and intriguing line of fragrances, or that stylish collection of designer jewelry and watches, Hermes indeed boasts of tasteful and timeless pieces that would make every woman extremely happy.

A trip to stylehive.com has always been therapeutic for me. And now with its mouth-watering display of Hermes this therapy may morph into a full-blown addiction. Now, if only I could find a way to direct Haligi's attention to this site, then maybe, just maybe, my Hermes dream may become a reality. Wake up, maver! Wake up!