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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tech Schools

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Technical careers encompass a wide variety of jobs and can be looked at in many different ways. It is a fast growing job market that continually changes with the advancements in technology. From being a radiation technician at a hospital to an electrical technician at a factory the fields that the jobs are in vary widely.

Community colleges and tech schools are a popular choice for career training. Two years or less is the typical amount of schooling required. The colleges focus is hands on job training to get you ready for the workplace. Community colleges and tech schools have a wide range of ages so there is no need to worry or think you will be out of place if you are not fresh out of high school. These colleges are very reasonably priced and located in towns all across the country. Even before you choose a program at college you should consider the field that you want to enter. If you are choosing to start a technical career in the medical field you are pretty safe in knowing you can move anywhere in the country. If you are focusing on a career dealing with wind energy your job locations are limited and in specific locations.

While completing your college training keep your eyes open for jobs. Waiting until you have finished school to look may not be the best option. When looking for a job, talk to other people in technical careers. Job search sites and job listings in the paper are great but word of mouth and knowing people will get you a lot further. Even if the job listing says you need 5 years of experience do not give up. If you think that job would be a good fit for you it never hurts to ask. Many companies put that in their job listing on purpose to weed people out who are not willing to show the company what they can offer for them. The worst that is going to happen is they say no.
The subject that everyone wants to discuss is the salary of a technical career. Obviously it varies from field to field and locations throughout the country and will be very hard to estimate. The things to consider here are you do not have to attend a four year university and rack up a large pile of debt. That in it self will be a huge relief when going into the job market. You may not make as much money as a four year university graduate but you have a two year head start on them working and when it gets down to it the four year college graduate and the two year tech school graduate make close to the same wage.

Although the job market is slow technical career jobs are still available. Companies like to hire hard working people who have had hands on training in the job they need to fill. Arrive at your interview ready to answer any question they ask and remember you are selling yourself to the company. Good luck with your technical career choice.

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suzen said...

This could be a very valuable, timely post. For many losing jobs, tech colleges - or re-training yourself for a new career - may a an opportunity a lot of people could/should take advantage of.