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Monday, March 23, 2009

Online Schools

The prospect of going back to school is daunting to say the least, but especially daunting when trying to work full time, even if going back to school means an online education. However, as many of us know, we acquire important skills when attaining a degree and the additional training or degree can mean larger earning potential or promotion in a current job or possibly a complete career change.

Distance education is many times the best option for full-time workers to attain additional training or an online degree. So many people in today's world are putting in long hours at their job, have responsibilities at home and do not have time to attend school in what is considered the traditional school hours. Attending the traditional educational setting for many people is impossible but the idea of online education distance learning is a concept that is feasible for some. There are hundreds of distance education programs on the web, more than half of the traditional schools offer some time of online education program.

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Online education is also great for saving on time that so many with full-time jobs do not have. In the traditional educational settings, the student needs to commute to the campus, find a parking spot and walk to class. However, with distance learning programs, the degree can be earned through the computer in the comfort of one's own home. Many also do not consider that online education can also save on money, since staying at home is part of the deal, money is not spent on gas, less wear and tear on the car and there is no need to pay a babysitter to watch the kids.

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While there is no doubt that there is a strong possibility that a degree can help financially in one's career and can possibly help with moving one up the corporate latter, there is still the notion that there are certain characteristics that are apparent in successful distance education learners.

The distance education learner needs get a routine set in place and be highly motivated to carry out and complete tasks with minimal guidance from an instructor. Distance education learning is all about pacing the work, there is typically there is an abundant amount of reading, projects due, online group activities and possibly even a thesis. Although with distance education, it would seem easy to wait until the last minute and turn all assignments and projects in, this is typically not the case. Most distance education programs have due dates and deadlines and to keep ones sanity, turning all assignments in at the last minute is not recommended. Getting a daily routine in place where time is set aside to study, work on assignments and to read will make distance education much easier to manage.

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If you are willing to make the commitment and put the time in that is needed to complete a distance education program, the culmination of the program with a degree presented to you is well worth the effort.

You may even go further in your career than you expected because you chose to pursue a degree through online education.

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