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Friday, March 20, 2009

Occupational Therapy is A Fast-Growing Field

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One of my college buddies is currently working on his Occupational therapy Assistant Degree, in addition to his online jobs. He just told me during our recent conversations that he can't wait to graduate and start the new career.

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An occupational therapist, assistant, and aides work to provide rehabilitative services to those that have mental, physical, and developmental problems. The goal for these kinds of therapists are to improve the quality of life for a person who otherwise couldn't learn certain areas on their own. They help people learn new skills and participate fully in life. Some people have trouble with basic daily living, and that's where an occupational therapist may help. Motor skills are taught, along with activities designed to increase a persons mental development and overcome their physical disabilities.

Therapists will be required to do some lifting, prolonged standing, kneeling, and the like, so being physically fit will help in this job field. Hours usually range in conjuncture with the facility they work with, many places have weeknight and weekend hours to accommodate their patients schedules.

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To become an Occupational Therapist, you must complete an associate degree from an accredited community college or technical school. The first year of school will usually be an introduction to basic health care, medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. The course gets harder into the second year as you move on to mental health areas, adult physical disabilities, gerentology, and more. As a student, you must also complete 16 weeks of supervised work in the field in either a clinic or a community setting. You must pass a national certification program after you graduate. If you pass, you will be awarded the title "Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant." It will also help if you volunteer your time at a local nursing home or care facility. You must also truly care for, and want to help, people with disabilities and hardships in their lives. An honest, caring, helpful attitude will be a must to work in this field.

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Earnings for a therapist can be in a wide variety of ranges, but are well-worth it. Median annual earnings were $38,430 as of May 2004. The average earnings were between $31, 970 and $44, 390. The lowest paid earned less than $25,880, but the highest paid earned over $52,700. So, as you can see, an Occupational Therapist may earn quite the figure.

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Demand for qualified occupational therapists are expected to rise. Increasing numbers of elderly, people with disabilities, and special-needs persons will make the need for these therapists crucial. Occupational Therapy is a job well worth the time and investment, and will make you feel good about helping others who cannot help themselves.

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SnarlyBoodle said...

I'm in physiotherapy to repair torn muscles so I can get back to my day job. For me, OT is the difference between just going to a gym and being able to make a living again. It's a noble profession.

suZen said...

I am so ready for a massage after reading this!