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Monday, March 9, 2009

In Dire Need of Medical Assistants - Help Wanted

Are you seeking new employment? If you are, you may want to consider being a Medical Assistant. Because of the increase of baby boomers and the fact that people are now living longer lives, medical assistants are needed in all sources of the health care industry. Hospitals, clinics, physician practices, and medical centers are expanding rapidly and are in dire need of additional support staff that can handle administrative and clinical duties. That is where the medical assistants come in.

Can I Be A Medical Assistant?

With the proper schooling and accredited certification, yes, you could become a medical assistant. The skills to become a medical assistant are simple. They provide assistance on a daily basis to make sure that the offices in which they work run smoothly. Medical assistants are utilized by the following businesses: doctors' offices, podiatrists, chiropractors and other health care facilities. Her duties could be as general as answering phones, greeting patients, scheduling appointments, filing medical records, calling the hospital for patient admission, billing and bookkeeping and lab services.

Her clinical duties may vary depending upon State law, but could include: taking patient histories, charting the patients vital signs, explaining treatment procedures, collecting and preparing lab specimens for readings, disposing of contaminated supplies and sterilizing medical instruments. A medical assistant can also respond to patient questions regarding special diets, medication instructions, and call prescriptions into the patients pharmacy. Medical assistants are also trained to remove sutures, draw blood at the on-site lab, change a patients dressings, and take an electrocardiogram. Light duties could include maintaining supply trays and arranging the physician's instruments to making sure that the exam and waiting rooms are clean and free from debris.

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Some medical assistants have been trained in a specialized area of health care. These medical assistants may have additional tasks to complete.
One main difference between a physician's assistant and a medical assistant is that a physician's assistant is able to examine, diagnose, and treat a patient.

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If you choose to become a medical assistant, there is room for career advancements, which could include becoming the office manager of a physician's office or a medical center. Many medical assistants make decisions to teach in local community colleges. Others decide that they would like to continue their road of education and complete certification classes to obtain addition credentials.

Becoming a medical assistant may be the opportunity you are looking for.

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nurse line said...

As a telephone triage specialist, I can agree. There are many career opportunities available in the medical industry. There are even jobs where you can work from home. Look into it,with a very little bit of training you could be earning thousands a week

Michael de`OZ said...

Thanks for information