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Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting a dog

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First, are you and your family ready for this commitment and the responsibilities that come with pet ownership? Dogs on average live around a total of 15 years are you prepared to care for one for that long. If you aren't ready, bringing home a dog and learning on the fly can be problematic. Not to say that if you saw a box with a sign hung on it that read, "Free Puppies" you wouldn't be able to take it home, but you might be in for some surprises.
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Purebred or Mutt:
Educate yourself on dog breeds and their temperaments. Some dogs are high-energy dogs and they want to run and jump and bark all the time. Some high strung dogs include: Chihuahuas, Dalmatians, Fox Terriers, and puppies are high energy. Other dogs such as Golden Retrievers, St. Bernards, and Basset Hounds are more laid back and easy going. You should know what kind of dog you would deal with the best. If you have children you need a dog that won't be aggressive and is very easy going. Toddlers who don't understand how dogs think will often torment the dogs, some dogs won't be bothered and others would try to bite the child.

Indoor or Outdoor:
This one is probably an easy choice for you to decide. If you are considering buying a puppy don't mistake their small size, because when they grow up they could be large. If you keep a puppy in your house when they are small it may be hard to send them outside to live once they are half your height and too big for your small living space. If you do send your beloved pet outside you will need to get them a doghouse and let them come inside when the weather is not favorable.

Can You Afford a Pet?
Think of all the items you will need to buy for your new dog, you might need: a dog house or crate, a dog bed, a collar, a license, special medications, gates, food bowls, a leash, a pooper scooper, grooming costs, treats and food. The cost of owning a pet is about one dollar a day. If you can't afford the necessary items and food then maybe you should wait and get a dog later on when you can afford one.
Do You Have Time for a Dog?

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Questions you may want to ask yourself about the time you can devote to a pet. Do you have enough time to potty train a new dog? Are you willing to take time to teach your dog the way you want it to behave? Do you have time to walk your dog on a daily basis? What will you do with the dog while you're at work? What will you do with your puppy when you go on vacation?

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These are just a few items you should know the answers to before you decide to get a dog. If you can handle the financial aspect and are willing to put in the time to teach, train and love your puppy then by all means find that new pet of your dreams.


Soiled Sinema said...

That's an adorable photo you got there.

Simon Dainton said...

Great article! I've had my 'puppy' for 2 years now and despite the odd misbehaviour, it was the best thing I ever did. She keeps me company when I go to work, I get regular exercise walking her and it gives me a great excuse to get outdoors and see nature on a daily basis - something most of us find hard to do.
Word of advice... don't get a dog that will gorw up to be too big! :-)

eric said...

thanks for your information
but until now I do not have a beast
regard from eric