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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


More and more with the science of select breeding to create the ideal type of pet, we have been breeding dogs specifically for them to be a companion. The American Lamalese is known as a toy dog meaning that they are smaller than average, and bred to be a companion to us. In short, they are a mixed breed. More and more species of mixed breeds have been popping up as we select breed dogs to meet specific criteria for us; more information on the American Lamalese can be found on Central pets and other websites.

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For those who are interested in getting a dog bred specifically for companionship purposes may want to research on the different species available, and their different traits and specialties.

The American Lamalese dogs are small, toy-sized dogs that have been bred for companionship purposes. They are still relatively new specie of dog depending on how you see it as they were originally bred in San Francisco, United States 40 years ago. They were bred by mating Lhasa Apsos with Maltese. Still inbreeding wasn't as easy as we imagine, and it took a lot of careful planning and tries for the breeding of the American Lamalese to be created.

The American Lamalese dogs as mentioned before are not large; in fact, they are quite small. Generally speaking, they will weigh an average of 14 to 20 pounds once they have reached maturity.

They usually come in either white or black, shed minimally, and can be easily groomed. By making them easier to handle, they prove to be a better choice for owners. Because of their special trait, they do not need to be constantly groomed making them a wonderful selection for even the busiest or laziest owner; generally, they only need to be brushed once or twice a week. They have long ears, and a slight wave in their hair. Medium sized and dark colored eyes should be what you look for as light colored bulging eyes are seen as unacceptable.

The American Lamalese is known for their playful behavior who love to play fetch, and chase.

Because of their small size, they can prosper even in smaller living spaces such as apartments, and houses with smaller backyards. They have minimal exercise requirements although exercising with them is recommended as it is healthier for them. Also, they have a friendly and docile behavior meaning that they will easily get along with other dogs, and also children. They are a great addition to any family, and make great loving pets for children.

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