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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just lost your job?

Losing your job is pretty common place due to the recession. This is because companies would rather fire people rather than let the company go under. If you one day went to work and got the pink slip, you have to know what to do when you lose your job.

One thing you can do is update your resume and then try to find a new job. If you worked in a certain field for many years, it is possible that your experience makes you well qualified to take on a position in another company or you could choose to open up your career horizon. Go back to school! and expand your skill set. Get free information here!

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If you are having a hard time writing your own resume, hire someone to help you out. When it is finished, mail this to your friends and deposit your resume in a job site. Don't forget to also look at sites that post job openings and also look at the newspaper because these are the mediums which companies still use when they have an opening.

It wouldn't hurt to also ask friends if there is an opening in their company and if they can put in a good for you to help with your application.

If you don't want to work in the same field anymore, another option will be to shift to a new career. If this means going back to school or getting training from an institution, go for it because you are never too old to learn something new.

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Keep in mind that when you apply for this new job, you won't be able to get the same salary like you used to since you are just new in the industry. You will most likely have to work your way from the bottom up again which is pretty common.

For those who love what they are doing, they don't have to find a job elsewhere or shift to a new career when they can use the experience to start their own business. You will need capital and since you might now have the funds to hire people or rent an office, it wouldn't be a bad idea to start at home first and do all the work first before getting people to work for you.

But should you jump back in the saddle again once you lose your job? Not really because you can always claim unemployment checks until you are ready to work again. Don't wait too long though because aside from, there are over half a million Americans who are in the same boat that are desperate to find work.

Finding a job in these hard times will be difficult and this is even more so if you have a family. If you are embarrassed just like many people, you will most likely hide this from your spouse so that they won't worry.

But is this a good thing? In the short term yes but in the long term no. You have to remember that you are partners so you should come clean and they may be able to even help you find work or start a business.

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If it has been weeks that you have not found a new job yet, don't give up hope because like President Obama said, it is going to take time for the country to get out of this recession. So don't panic or feel bad. There are options on the table that can help when you do lose your job.

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SnarlyBoodle said...

I see social clubs being formed by unemployed people. Join one - or five - as they are great for networking and getting new ideas. And don't be ashamed to work a more menial job than you're used to. These are hard times and it's better to work at McDonald's than to not work anywhere.