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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where to take her?

It matters a lot where you take your partner for a date. If she has an opinion about it then half the problem is solved because you are not really to be blamed in case the place proves to be a disaster.

But this is a better idea to keep an alternative place in mind so that you can give her a pleasant surprise and impress quickly. But if she asks you to select the place then you need to be very careful because one wrong choice can spoil the entire evening and turn her off completely.

How to select the place correctly?

The time when you two are going for the date matters a lot. If you are dating after work then the place should be somewhere near her workplace. This will show how much you really care for her. It can be a cafe or a small evening restaurant which sports a great ambience and has a cozy corner where you can sit together holding each others hands on two nice cups of coffee. This can also be a park with soothing landscape and a lot of greenery.

The breeze will refresh your mind and you will get ample peace to talk softly about nice topics. Do not forget to carry some sandwiches for her to let her know how special she is to you. If this is going to be a weekend date then the options are wide for you. If your date likes to dance and rock in the leisure time then take her to a night club or disco which endorses her favorite music. It should be near a restaurant which serves good food.

You can also invite her at home occasionally and get some romantic DVDs to watch. Watching movies are generally a good option for the teenagers. If your date is fond of outdoor activities then you can take her to city breaks or hiking trips to a nearby place where you will be able to spend enough quality time with her. Picnics are quite good options if you choose the right spot and have good food to serve and all other essentials ready.

If you two have decided to relive your childhood together then the small trips to zoos, public aquariums and amusement parks can be great as you will get to do adequate fun activities together.

Now the most important part is to know what are the likes and dislikes of your date and settling for the place she would like most. Do not try to impose your choices on her as this might simply turn her off. After all a smile on her face is worth all your effort.

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