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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drifting away?

Are you and your wife drifting apart? Marriages and relationships have the tendency to get stale and if you noticed that your wife is getting distant you have to do something before things get worse. Here are simple tips to bring back the fire in your marriage and reconnect with your wife.

Spend time to talk and avoid interruptions to reconnect with your wife. When at home it is very easy to focus yourself on something else like television, radio, books and take home work. Turn off the television and avoid working at home and give your wife some real quality time. You both need it everyday to make the relationship stronger. Reconnect with your wife and update her on what is happening to you when you are not together, this will make her feel very important to your life. She will not feel left out in your life.

Date your wife. Even if you’ve been married for years now, dating should not be a forgotten thing. Dating will help you remind her that you still love to be with her. It does not have to be an extravagant date, but something that will allow you and your wife to have a quite moment and bond together.

Experience new and old hobbies together. Doing things that you both love together will help you reconnect with your wife. If she loves photography, you could bring her to places that she could take good photos and create new memories with you. If she is interested in your sports or hobbies like golf or bowling, teach her and play together.

Be demonstrative with your feelings. If you love her then say it in words and in deeds. Most women are very vocal and demonstrative with their feelings and somehow they also want the same from their husbands. Bring her flowers, send an I love you message during the day when she is too busy running errands at home and she will love you more for it and will make her day complete. There are simple and yet heart warming acts of love that you could do everyday to reconnect with your wife.

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Diane L.Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

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