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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A fish that jumps?

Think about it. How many social networks are we a part of? How many shopping sites do we jump to and from? How many job boards do we use to post jobs or find job seekers? And further, how much of that data is relevant to our needs that we do not even know it exists online? How much of it can search engines like Google and Yahoo capture on page 1 without being forced to essentially discard the rest due to low viewership numbers on page 2 and 3? The variety and breadth of the Internet is being lost as fast as it is being created because our traditional methods of accessing this data are slowly but surely becoming less adequate. As more and more unique services are born, the more and more fragmentized accessibility becomes.

So what is the answer? One answer is more time. More time to be able to utilize all the different kinds of unique services one by one. When we search for a product or service to buy we can search Google, Ebay, Amazon and many other choices. The second option is aggregation. In the same way that a search engine aggregates and indexes websites and web content, we require a mechanism that aggregates the variety of unique services, not just websites, that are available to us and we care about. Aggregation is key to maintaining accessibility of the entire sophisticated web.

Or take the portal LeapFish.com, an all in one Internet dashboard that works to capture the variety of the web by integrating results from major online destinations including YouTube, Ebay and others in a single search query. Leapfish lends more accessibility to all of the different kinds of data we care about. As a result users are conveniently surprised with information that they wouldn't have normally been aware of had they used a traditional engine.

Aggregation is big area of growth. For entrepreneurs, grappling with the information overload can deliver great value. I foresee big growth in aggregation and the creation of more filters to give us the information we truly desire.

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Kunjubi said...

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