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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dyeable Shoes


Dyeable shoes are an excellent choice for many types of events, the most popular being weddings. Being able to dye a pair of shoes is at times necessary, because it is much easier to have shoes dyed rather than purchasing a new pair for each event. For some events the bride, the mother in law, or the entire wedding party finds dyeable shoes very appealing. Because the same colors come in different shades and do not match each other, it may be necessary to purchase a pair of shoes and have them dyed so that they compliment your outfit. This process of dying shoes usually only involves supplying a professional with a sample of the color you are looking to match. However, you may find that this can usually be arranged for you by the boutique you buy your gown from, as this may be a part of their service. They should also be able to supply you with the shoes as well.

Online Services

Online shopping is quite common today, and in fact it is becoming the preferred method of shopping, especially for purchasing a wedding gown or wedding dress. Numerous websites offer a host of accessories such as dyeable shoes. If you purchase a gown and a pair of shoes, it makes it easier for them to match up your color. However, a good online store often offers this service if you buy only the shoes, as long as you can supply them with the color of your gown. It is good sense to insist on a color sample before you place your order though. Another option is to take your shoes to your local professional who you can find at your local shoe retailer or shoe repair shop.

Whether the pair of shoes you buy is satin, leather, synthetic or suede, they can be dyed to compliment your gown, and this extends to the other members of the wedding entourage as well. Colors are not restricted to white or cream, today many additional colors are available too. The style of shoe you choose is also not a hindrance, whether your shoes are high-heeled satin pumps, a sweet ballerina slipper or a pair of trendy strappy sandals with the highest of heels, almost any shoe can be dyed.


Dying a pair of shoes is a delicate process, so making use of a professional is extremely important. The services of a professional can tell you that fabrics have different characteristics from one another. They may also inform you that if you want to ensure that your shoes blend and compliment the hue of your gown as closely as possible; they must be professionally dyed. Another consideration a professional shoe dyer may tell you is that dyeing shoes does not guarantee that they are going match your gown exactly, but if not perfect, the color should be very close.

The color of your dyed shoes may change slightly according to whether it is day or night and the reason for this is due to the textural differences in the fabric of your dress and the fabric of your shoe. This is one more reason to leave this to the services of a master dyer, as only someone with experience and training is able to get the closest possible match to your gown.

Notifying the professional on the lighting conditions you expect to experience on the day of the ceremony should help them match the color more closely to the color of the wedding theme. You should ask them if they could do a trial run color match under the same or similar lighting beforehand. Ask the professional shoe dyer for a color sample before you go ahead with their services and it is important that you keep in mind that your shoes can generally not be dyed a lighter color than their original shade. Therefore, if you understand and accept that the final color should be a compliment to your dress and it may not be a perfect match; you should not be disappointed with the final product
Another aspect to consider whey dying your shoes is that when dyed, your shoes may not be waterproof as the dyes that are used are water-soluble and may bleed if exposed to excessive moisture, however, there is a way to circumvent this and that is to have your shoes treated with a water repellent spray, which should prevent staining.
Dyeable shoes are an excellent choice for a wedding celebration because they allow you to easily match one’s shoes to the color of the theme. If you are planning to use dyeable shoes, you should have a professional shoe dyer change their color because you can ensure they look exactly the way you want them.

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