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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tivo and Blockbuster

TiVo and Blockbuster are now partners in the entertainment industry, seeking to give customers even more access to the films that they want and need. The announcement was made that TiVo will be adding Blockbuster to its ever-growing list of contributors when it comes to providing on-demand programs. Blockbuster will be the latest provider to TiVo, giving them even more access to top shelf films that will keep consumers interested in both the TiVo and Blockbuster brand names.

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TiVo is a very popular DVR service, that lets people record television shows straight to a device, and view them at any time they please. It also allows people to control their television viewing as though it were live at all times, giving the ability to pause, rewind, fast forward, or just about anything else that a typical user would be able to do with a VHS tape or DVD. With the TiVo devices, users have a lot of control over what they watch, additionally having the technology to record hours upon hours of their favorite shows, so that they don't even have to be home when the TiVo kicks into action.

With the new relationship between TiVo and Blockbuster, there will be a new form of On-Demand programming that TiVo owners will have access to. For TiVo owners that have a Series 2, Series 3, HD, or HD XL DVR, they will now be able to buy or rent thousands of movies from Blockbuster's extensive catalog. This will include recently released films, giving people almost immediate access to movies that would otherwise have to be rented on a DVD format. It's a big step for both companies, but obviously something that they fell will help move their companies into a new world of entertainment.

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