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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Great gifts for shopoholic Moms

Mother's Day is coming up!

When it comes to your mother you always want the very best. Mother's Day it’s the one day in the year that you set aside, making sure that your Mother knows truly how special she is to you. It’s the day to fully express your total gratitude...Does it gets harder to think of a new gift as the years go on!

Mothers make the world go round and help make us who we are. Everyone has a mother for without her they would not exist... Blah blah blah but what to get her for mother’s day? My mom has more shoes that any normal woman and the wardrobes are completely stacked full of cloths. The spare room has them stacked in what she calls "ready to iron formation". But she still goes out buying new shoes and more cloths, almost every week.

Mothers are one of the most important figures in society that is often overlooked ... I don’t think my mother has been too over looked. Why not? She has gifts and photo’s from all over the place, she is a real gift in life always helping other s as a priority (she even puts it above shopping) the ornaments and trinkets and pictures decorate every shelf. I don’t remember us having much in the way of "stuff" when growing up. However "You reap what you sew" (my mother’s helping others is what I see in all the filled shelf space...)

There is an array of great Mother's Day gifts that any mother will adore. But I think I have the best gift idea for my mother who likes to just pop off on some mystery and go shopping.

I should really have thought about it before I am going to get her the gift of being a ‘mystery shopper’. The part that makes this great for life is that being a mystery shopper is about going into shops, wandering around and speaking to a couple of sales staff. She already does that for a living! But now she can get paid for reporting how tidy the place was and whether the sales team were approachable.

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1 comment:

suZen said...

Cute post! Somehow over the years my shopaholic thingy must have aged and died, but I would get a kick out of being paid to be a mystery shopper! haha