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Monday, May 4, 2009

It's all about security

Computer security has become a major cause of worry for businesses and governments all over the world. Though internet has made e-commerce possible, helped in advertising products and services to millions of people, it has also led to the rise of criminal hacking. Due to this, a growing number of companies and governments are turning to ethical or white-hat hackers to get them out of the problem.

A certified ethical hacker tests the security of the systems, look for viruses and rectify the problems pertaining to the network security. But in order to become en efficient ethical hacker, you need to have competent skills along with the right attitude to challenge the industry of IT Security

Programming skills
The knowledge of programming languages is a mandatory. You should learn the technique of C, C++, Python, Java, Perl and Lisp.

As a beginner, you can start by learning Python which is less complicated as compared to other languages but at the same time challenging enough. It is well-documented and well-designed. Afterwards, you can learn C, Lisp, Perl and java.

It is important to learn Perl as it is used extensively for web pages and system administration.

All these languages have different approach to programming, and by acquiring the knowledge of each one of these would make you much more efficient hacker. Each language has its own significance and at the end of the day you would benefit by learning each one of them.

Find out more info here at EC-Council

You can’t become a hacker unless you learn and understand UNIX. After all UNIX is the platform on which the Internet is built upon. Though there are other platforms, it is not possible to read the code or modify them. However with UNIX you can read how the operating system is written and modify it. Hence, learn to hack on open-source UNIX by getting a Linux or BDS-UNIX installed on your personal computer and practice on it daily for hours.

To become a hacker, you should know how the World Wide Web functions. And having knowledge of web is not just restricted to how to use the browser. You should make efforts to learn and write HTML.

Usage of English
In order to become an efficient ethical hacker, you need to have a good command over the English language, as it is the English language which dominates the Internet. All the books on hacking come in English language. Hence concentrate to improve on this part too.

Apart from all this, read lots of books on hacking. The more you read; the better. Buy books or enrol in some libraries and take them on rent. And don’t hesitate in experimenting. To become a white-hat hacker, you need to have the curiosity to learn about new things.

In fact, you can also take up hacking course. There are several reputed institutes which offer certified hacking courses with theoretical as well practical training. Getting proper training from prestigious institutes would benefit you a lot and help you in becoming a professional, certified ethical hacker.


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