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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Toy Frog

Dear Readers,

My son is 3 and half right now. He recently learn to speak more and had quickly graduated to the realm of being quite the chatter box. He is really in to correcting us all the time on things we said. Just the other day, I mistakenly call one of his toy's the wrong name. He told me, Daddy!! NO...that's Thomas and not Henry. My son is a big Thomas the train fan. Even though he can't recognize words yet, at 3 years old, I am confident to say he can beat anybody in a naming contest of all the hundreds of trains within the Thomas the Tank Engine community. He lives and dreams about Thomas the tank Engine. I dare not miss call his trains by name. This brought me back to a story, just 12 - 16 months ago when my son was still in the midst of learning to speak. He had some trouble pronouncing words that started with "F". One of his favorite bath toy at the time, was his Froggy mitten soap scrubber. He always wanted me to use that scrubber as a puppet play during his bath times. Some time had past and it was time to go to the doctors for a quick check up. Of course in any normal Doctors visit, the pediatrician would always try to be friend the child and to make him feel comfortable since going to the Doctors could only mean a few things. A big needle poke or bad tasting medicine afterwards. It's imprinted in the child's mind, these two conditions would always be the result. Our pediatrician, did the same and try to befriend my son. He said to him, Hello!, How are you? My son reply gingerly "fine". Good! said the doctor, the doctor ask again, would you like a balloon afterwards? My son reply a little louder this time, "Yes!"
The next question that follows was "what is your favorite Toy?" My son reply too quickly and blurted out a word that would get him detention for a few days if he had said it at school. The word was "F@*#". That's my little boy at 2 and a half year old.
I told my dad the story of his grandchild miss pronouncing froggy. He told me growing up, I too had trouble pronouncing words that starts with "F" I guess it's like father like son after all.

Do you have a favorite memory to share regarding your time with your sons or daughters? Let me know and do share.



Mary said...


You have a beautiful blog site and are a great storyteller! I am so glad you invited me and will return to read more. I also like the understated ads mixed in with other links. A soft inviting touch. Great design. Thanks, Mary

dorischua said...

The first few years are the most precious. I can recall all the happy moments whenever I browse thru all the photos of Clayton, my 2.5 yr old. What is most memorable is the development stages.. they make me smile.

Pete Aldin said...

I agree with Mary. You are a great storyteller.

And, man, if you can work out which train is which in the world of Thomas the Tank Engine, you're a better man than me. (You proably are anyway). I always mixed up Edward and Percy.

And will someone put that Fat Controller in his place!

Hueina Su said...

Your site is lovely. Thanks for inviting me to visit! My son used to be a HUGE fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, and he too could name virtually ALL of the trains in that series. He was Thomas the Tank Engine for Halloween 3 years in a row. We took him to ride Thomas the Tank Engine at the Strasburg Railroad -- TWICE in three years! That's how much we loved Thomas. And then, all of a sudden, he decided he was too old for trains. He asked me to put away ALL of his trains, and he never looked back. That was the end of an era, and I was the one who was sad.....

This brought back so many memories! Thanks for sharing this.


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Echoes of Cold Moon

camotesgirl said...

Hi there! thanks for leaving message on mybloglog, I appreciate it., and I enjoyed reading your post here..I have two sons though. My first one is turning 4 yr. old on Sept. and he still not that good talker... Sometime he talks like a baby and can`t understand him..but we`ll give him time. Also, my second boy is turning 2 on May and for now he can only talk few words so we`ll see..Ok, thanks for sharing your blog...I`ll be back to read more..take care and God bless!

shandylei said...

I admire your talent in writing!

to be honest with you I was impressed by your work...I think your a great writer and at the same time a good dad!

I'm also a writer too. (well...I dream to be a writer too someday)Actually, I'm working on my two novels...I want to show it to you, and hear your comment about it. But the only problem is that it's a Filipino Novel ('coz you see I'm a Filipina)

anyway...keep up the good work! Stay being a nice writer and a dad!