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Monday, April 2, 2007

Someone from the Past

Dear Readers,

It's been 5+ years since the last time I saw my friend tonite. One day out of the blue, my sister sent me a link from tag.com. I accidentally click on it and turns out it sent a message to everybody in my address book. Although, bad at first for thinking how many people did I just disturb and intrude on, it turned out to be a pleasant blessing. Several of the links made it to some of my long lost friends. One of them wrote me back 2 weeks ago and told me he will be around our area tonite. He is a child-hood friend. I was an young foreign student who came to the states to study almost 20+ years ago. Being a foreign student, naturally language was a barrier. I had to stick with people I felt comfortable.

The person I met tonite was one of the few I went thru together during my early years as a foreign student in this foreign land. We used to talk about dreams, girls, careers, how much money we want to make, who is the better basketball player, who is the better tennis player, who can beat each other on NFL madden and on. We had a competitive spirit all through out our teen and growing years. We did sort of went our separate ways in college but found ourselves re-kindle again tonite about the past. The thing that made it so special tonite, was that he too has a 2 year old boy. We watch our boys meet for the first time and play together for the first time. It brings back the past. It was a pleasant memory. When we parted tonite, our boys actually hug each other. We both felt a sense of pride and something else in describable but even though it can't be express by words, it was certainly felt deeply in our hearts.



Charley said...

I enjoyed the unique widgets you've placed on your blog. Thanks for stopping by my BlogLog page!

Emmie said...

Wow that's such a nice story of friends and friendship! Can I repost it on my blog? Please let me know. And thanks for coming by my page on mybloglog!

Kuanyin said...

Mahalo for stopping by Milton and asking for my thoughts about your blog! Just a quick perusal of your blog gives me these thoughts and suggestions for a make-over:
1. eliminate the "Dear Readers" beginning you do for your posts for many reasons
2. Change the color scheme to a happier color or lighter shade template since you're mostly writing about your son, and your family. You need to become aware of your 'niche' which is the parenting/family niche, and they all have bright, happy colors.
3. Connect to the family/mom group of people for more readership!

Blessings! Kuanyin

Markk said...

You asked for my comments, so here goes...So far most of your posts are on parenting/family stuff but I noticed you're also into affiliate marketing stuff. Your blog appears to be fairly new and I'm not sure where's your true niche yet. Is it going to be all about parenting/family or would the content change as you blog on? If it's gonna be parenting/family stuff then I would agree with Kuanyin regarding her recommendation.

Christy said...

That is really nice that you two had a chance to reunite again. A few months ago I had a similar experience finding a friend from childhood over the Internet. We hadn't seen each other in twenty years! We met last weekend and we talk almost everyday. There is something really special about reconnecting with those from our past. It's too cool!

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BLASe said...

You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself in your stories. I am sorry, but I don't find anything in your blog at the moment that needs improvement. I think it is really well done. Thank you for stopping by mine, and hope you will return and maybe give me some pointers.