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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Eggs, Giraffe and a Tree

Two of my son's favorite thing to ask me is "Daddy, are you going to work today?" and "Is it Saturday morning yet?" In my son's world, he wishes everyday is Saturday morning. A once famous quote states. "All fathers are invisible in daytime; daytime is ruled by mothers and fathers come out at night. Darkness brings home fathers, with their real, unspeakable power. There is more to fathers than meets the eye."
A normal Saturday morning would be for my little boy to climb in to my bed at about 8.30am jumping up and down yelling...daddy daddy Wake UP! It's Saturday morning!
I LOVE hearing his voice calling out Daddy daddy! at this time. After waking up, we would have our usual breakfast of eggs and toast. I notice something similar that perhaps it is ingrained in to our molecular genes. He would eat his egg the same way I used to eat when I was his age. Being a father is such an amazing thing. Little things such as discovering how your little son eats can even be classified as a discovery or amazement. As a kid my dad used to tell his friend about me and particularly highlighting the fact on my strange rituals of eating eggs. My mom would cook me a boiled egg,I would put the boiled egg in a small bowl, used a spoon to cut up the eggs in to smaller pieces but not small enough to be mushy, then I would pour some ketchup to mix in with the egg. I would scoop up the egg mix in to the ketchup and eat it with a grin of satisfaction. It was my own special way of eating boiled eggs. With the similarity between me and my son, I sometimes find myself aligning my thoughts to this quote below. "One night a father overheard his son pray: Dear God, Make me the kind of man my Daddy is. Later that night, the Father prayed, Dear God, You know what my son prayed for right? Can you Make me the kind of man my son wants me to be."

I will end with my own quote - An egg is maybe an egg, however it is not an egg without ketchup.

Can you guess what the giraffe and Tree symbolize?



Ray said...


I have just found your blog after you left me a message on MyBlogLog. Thanks. I too have children, lots of them. They are 24,22,21,6,4 & 4. I can relate to your stories about children. They are brilliant and make me very proud. Keep up your good work on the blog.


claudia said...

Mad props for being a daddy who is trying their best to do their job right. (Specially for not having annoying ads.) Thank you for checking out this educators website. I have alot of links on delicious for any educational links if you need it. I'll keep you on my feed, come by and comment on my website. --clau

La censure ici c'est moi ok ??? said...

beautiful blog !!!

BIG scott said...

Great site. I have no children as of yet, just 2 dogs, so I can not totally relate but I can sort of imagine. I am not sure what the giraffe and the tree symbolize but would guess maybe some sort of unity in growth, perhaps. Giraffes eat trees so, as the tree grows so, too, does the giraffe. Probably wrong but, hey, it's an educated guess, I guess.

-Scott at Wallhogs

dän said...

oh... nice blog! I love it! thank's for droping by!

Honeybell said...

Great Blog, I will definitely be back!

Pete Aldin said...

No idea what the giraffe and tree symbolise and not sure if that's because I am "thick" or because I'm late to your blog.

Mate, what a terrific post! You and you son have a fantastic relationship and you'll obviously keep building on it.

"Fathers come out at night"? That puts us in the same category as vampires, hyenas and cockroaches. Heh heh.

Great blog man.

Valentin said...

Chicks and Eggs problem have an entire blog at http://valy8851.livejournal.com
Father of six, tree alive only boys.
Two generations. One wife.
I don't know to obtain girls! There is an unsolved mystery.
Your photo send me the message "grow up".
If you a using B/W messages I will change to color.

SEO Gangsta said...

An egg is an egg but not without ketchup? The only thing that I can think that the giraffe and tree stand for are some type of illegal substances - nobody seriously eats eggs with ketchup.

But seriously, props on juggling the job, your drug habit and blogging, not to mention your mad mybloglog skeelz...

Edward Wolf said...

Beautiful blog. Beautiful post, beautifully written. You point out that young children want every day to be Saturday. Well, when my kids were young, I felt like every day was Christmas. I couldn't wait to get home from work to see them. And when I got home, I had the same feeling I had as a child on Christmas morning.

Patricia said...

A creative guy who's really into his kids. Unusual and nice to see. Your blog posts are beautiful but the one thing I would suggest is to keep them a bit shorter...even if you create two or three separate posts instead of one. I have difficulty doing this too, it's really hard, but I think it's more effective in getting your message across as many are reading "on the run". Other than that. No suggestions, it's really nice

Markk said...

I like that b/w picture of the giraffe. It's very striking. Did you take the pic? And yes, I can see there are some other great pix on this blog. Damn nice!

wornoutwoman said...

beautiful post....I love it. Very heartwarming! You can tell you're a great daddy!

Tisha said...

Everyday my two little ones ask me, "Is today a stay-home day?!" They live for the weekends as well. :} Thanks for the comment on mybloglog.

Anonymous said...

"In my son's world, he wishes everyday is Saturday morning."

Don't we all?!

Lisa said...

I know what you mean. We try to be the best examples for our children we can. I think your site is great!

Rcube said...

Another great post.

My wife and I are so looking forward to sharing those same type of experiences with our new baby girl.

And thanks for sharing some great moments with your son.

Giraffe and tree....I would have to guess....A circle of life; one organism supporting another.

BillyWarhol said...

Yer Giraffe photograph remindz me of the amazing Photography of Peter Beard*


lee said...

Milton, Thanks for the message at MyBlogLog. I had just noticed that you have visited my blog, and I had already visited yours. I love the story of how your son eats eggs. My own son eats soup just the way I used to, by filling the bowl with tons of crackers and mashing them together to make probably the most unwholesome looking paste you can imagine. Great blog! I'll return here often.

Valkrie ANGEL said...

Yo man check this out..

First came over to this post and read the whole thing up...Was trying to guess whether the egg, giraffe and tree is inter-related? Thinking that if you take the egg out of the equation, then it will be nothing...Looked at your latest post, then realised that i'm half correct although i did not get the cheese of it..

Like your blog and everything you are doing with it, sure thing, we can exchange some links together, let me know when you're done with it.


Urban Thought said...

I don't have children but the way you describe the experience makes me want to think about it. But then again, they grow up.

That was great. I had to think about when I used to eat eggs and toast in the morning. Oh... That wasn't me. I did cereal. Oh well... it was cool just the same.

pusa said...

first time here in your blog, nice stories, didnt realized a father can described their feelings to re their kids. nice blog

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Devin said...

Great website and interesting incite in the life of being a father. I don't have any kids yet, but when I do, I'm sure something like this post will relate. I can't wait :)

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shrikanya ghatak said...

Hello, Thank you for the wonderful story. I am not married and do not have kids but I can absolutely relate when you say that fathers are seen only at night and Saturday mornings. My mother has the same complaint about me. What i feel is that we should cherish the moment as long as we have it.