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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Father and Son

Dear Readers,

It's another day in paradise. The weather was perfect. The sun was out with a gentle breeze that cools the skin. My son and I did a little window shopping at the local electronic store. Upon entering the store, my son's eyes caught on to a giant TV screen that was playing the recently popular movie "Happy Feet". Look!! daddy, he yells out. Penguin Penguin!! like the ones in the Zoo. I like it. Can I bring one home?
To this thought, I suddenly reflect back to a conversation I once had with my dad when I was slightly older than my son's current age. It was a time where my dad took us for a cross ocean vacation to the United States and we visited a famous zoo on the West Coast. Of course the highlight of the zoo for that month was the North Pole Penguins. We dashed quickly in to the site to see these little life tux wagging their tails, walking funny from side to side and swimming so agile like a fish. Upon enjoying the sight of these magnificent furry cute creatures, my dad suddenly whisper in my ear, doesn't these penguins remind you of something? I look back at my dad, and said, they are cute and the funny walk they do are just too hilarious! My dad smiles at me and said, your Mom walks like that too! I just burst out laughing when I heard that. Of course my mom wasn't too please by that remark but she was always a good sport.
What an ironic moment it was today, when my son ask Me, Can I bring one home? and to that remark i quickly answered, Guess what! Grandma! is coming to vist.