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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


What is a perfect pet? How about a pet that does not need any shots, feeding, never gets sick and is generally low maintenance! Well, I got one for you. My little boy has been clinging on to a stuff dog since he was 6 months old In many ways this dog has played a similar role to a real dog in the movie My Dog Skip. In that movie, the dog had a strong influence on the main character Willie, a shy and awkward 9 year old Southern boy. Willie's life was later transformed by Skip's outgoing personality, and Skip eventually helped him to break in to the neighborhood's circle of boys. I was quite taken by this small town good old American boy and his little dog story.
At the aiport from a business trip three years ago, I casually took a browse at the airport gift shop. Unexpectedly, a little stuff dog caught my eyes which reminded me so much of Skip, and I couldn't resist taking it home. I arrived home late that night and, my then 6 months old boy was already asleep. I placed the little stuff animal dog next to his crib, kissed him good nite and went to bed. The next morning I found him holding on to the stuff animal in one hand, a milk bottle on the other and was already drooling all over the stuff dog. Just like Skip, we wanted to give it a name. I thought it would be great if we could name the dog, De-O-G (You need to pronounce it several time out loud to get it. The "E" is silent) Since then, little De-O-G has never left his sight. My little boy would take him everywhere just like Willie with Skip.
Our son's teacher even told us about a conversation our son had with his classmates one day. A few of his classmates were somehow announcing and bragging on the fact that they had cute baby brother/sister. Being competitive but not knowing what a baby brother or sister is (because he doesn't have one), my little boy blurted out "I have De-OG too!"

Stay tune for The coming of Mommy De-OG...TO BE CONTINUED....



Beni Bevly said...

It is amusing and the pictures are cute. I enjoy reading your article.

Beni Bevly

jessuca said...

hey Milton, Its an excellent article,My sister in law has a dog, see loves it very much and I love here..so I love the dog as well. another movies 101 Dalmatians, is worth mentioning here, I was really moved by that very movie. These pictures here are really very cute. I was going through them in my office hours and I showed them to my collegues as well, they too liked it very much.
Thanks for having shown such nice images..

House of Virtue said...

Your blog looks great...we loved being here & especially we enjoyed ur perspective as a loving father. God bless you!

Biby Cletus said...

interesting read, nice work, expect more will be back. warm regards. Biby

FengKuang said...

great site, i luv it too!
so lets trade links!
you are now connected with

Rebecca said...

Great site. I love the story about your sons De-O-G. I think that makes the perfect pet. I'm adding you to my bloglist. Thanks for visiting my site.

Rich in the Stl said...

I rather enjoyed that. Nice blog. I will be back.

Lorraine said...


Nice articles and pictures. Keep doing what you do. you are very good at it.


Princess Haiku said...

You have a charming blog.