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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama the Messiah

Minister Louis Farrakhan, the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, has proclaimed Barack Obama to be the Messiah. Farrakhan did this at a gathering last February, but the video has just recently hit Youtube and is causing shock waves.

Farrakhan Proclaiming Obama Messiah

Farrakhan said, "You are the instruments that God is gonna use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth. And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn't care anything about. That's a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking."

There are a number of frightening and bizarre implications in this pronouncement. For one thing, declaring a Obama or any human being to be a messiah is heresy, even in Farrakhan's Islam. Not even the Prophet Mohammed is considered a divine being, as Jesus Christ is in Christian world, but rather as simply a man who received the message of God.

Barack Obama has even encouraged this phenomenon with the Greek temple backdrop during his convention acceptance speech. Obama has talked about the levels of the ocean receding and the planet healing, should he become President.

Obama supporters have referred to Obama as "The One", and other terms that suggest not a political figure to be admired and supported, but a religious figure to be followed and even worshiped.Barack Obama has denounced Louis Farrakhan and his views, just as he has William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright (himself a political ally of Farrakhan.) It might, however, be useful if Obama were to go further. He should make a speech in which he denounces the idea that he is "the Messiah" and condemn anyone who spreads that idea.

On the other hand, maybe Barack Obama secretly likes the idea of being worshiped. That kind of thing can be heady, even for an ordinary politician. Being cheered by thousands of people can be a boost to the ego. But it takes a real man, who knows he is only a man, to ignore all that and to acknowledge humility. If Barack Obama can't do that, maybe that is one more reason he should not be President of the United States.

How about reason number two? Obama the socialist. By now, almost everybody knows “Joe the plumber.” Mentioned about 15 times in recent presidential debate, Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber from Toledo, questioned Barack Obama at an Ohio campaign stop earlier in the week. Joe wanted to know if Obama’s tax plan would raise his taxes. Senator Obama replied, “It's not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success, too." Obama added, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.

"If Barack Obama's goal as President is to 'spread the wealth around,' perhaps his unconditional meetings with Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro, and Kim Jong-Il aren't so crazy -- if nothing else they can advise an Obama administration on economic policy," McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb said in a written statement to FOXNews.com.

Let's try reason number three - Obama on Sex Education for Kindergarteners :

Sex Education for Kindergarten

The list of questionable judgement goes on. In my view, this guy is a greater danger to America--what made us great, what made us the most wealthy and utilitarian society in human history, our freedoms, our job prospects, and our Constitution. It is not too late to prevent an absolute catastrophe, not only for Americans, but for the hopes of freedom, the future of our children, the unborn, the poor, and the opressed throughout the world.

And yes: I am saying exactly what I think and exactly how I feel about this man and how dangerous a Democrat sweep would be to everything we care about. Truly, the thought of this man as Commander and Chief is more horrifying to me than was watching those planes hit the World Trade Center. It is now D-day on the beach of Normandy in the cold and foggy beach where bullets are flying, we are about to embark on a raid that would change history--we still have a glimmer of hope today.

But hope is not enough. It is time to Vote!


K-Bob said...

Well Said!

Trueman said...

I think his socialist leanings are the product of grifting rather than being grounded in any philosophy; other than Barak first. Here is a guy who’s never had an actual job, always been provided for and is not scholarly, despite an Ivy League education. Socialism is only good for those at the top and that is the social position he prefers.

JennBubu said...

Certainly Obama does not favor capitalism, when you consider his ad specifically puts down a job on Wall Street in favor of a job as a neighborhood organizer, as if the latter would create more value for society. My guess is that being a neighborhood organizer is one stop above hanging out on the corner with the guys. At least on Wall Street you’d be helping to create jobs, which Obama simply doens’t get.

Is there a problem for which Obama does not favor a big government solution? While Obama may not be a socialist who wants his programs enforced at the point of a bayonet, he’s more a nanny state socialist who wants the gummint to be Big Mamma to us all, making us do all the stuff it thinks we should be doing but don’t or won’t. Obama is kinduva smiley-face socialist who doesn’t herd you into gulags but rather enforces policies that erode the business environment and defense of America by degrees.

Pamela Jones said...

I suspect Obambi is what used to be called a ‘fellow traveler’, or a ‘comsymp’, one sympathetic to, and easily manipulated by, hardcore Communists. These terms came into great disrepute because they were used by Senator Joseph McCarthy, who set back the fight against the Red Menace for decades with his egregious and truculent tactics, but perhaps it is time to revive them.

Obami has no public history of strong association with conservatives, only with a Communist mentor in Hawaii, and since then any number of left-wing thinkers, agitators, politicians, and worse, e.g. close association with the Ayers family and with the Black Liberation theocrat Jeremiah Wright. “By their friends ye shall know them.”

The evidence points to Obambi as a Manchurian Candidate, a personally appealing, well-spoken crowd-pleaser with little mind of his own, who can open the door to the White House and the government for the radical left to rush in. That makes him exceptionally dangerous to the Republic, as most of those who follow him, and will vote for him, have no idea who is behind him—or don’t care.

Betty said...

The GOP depends on citizens to have no sense of history or fiscal policy to fall for such ridiculous rhetoric. Look at the tax rate history from about 1920 to 1980. You’ll find that the wealthiest tax tier paid from 75-90% taxes. Not to mention that before the wealthy received a huge tax cut and we began spending irresponsibly our national debt was fairly under control. Once Reagan cut taxes from 75% to ~35%, amazingly enough, our national debt grew astronomically. ‘Trickle-down’ (supply-side) economics does increase the GDP significantly, but what good is it when only the top tier of our society reaps the benefits and the bottom and middle decline in wealth, thus decreasing a sizable tax base and forcing the government to once again tax the wealthy at high rates? This line of thought has led us into our nation’s second Gilded Age (look it up). The disparity in wealth is nearly identical. Prior to trickle-down the top and bottom tiers of society increased and decreased fairly close together. Once this economic method was implemented along with less regulation and increased access of special interests to our elected representatives, the top tiers of society climbed while the middle and the bottom flattened or declined. Take into account the increased spending required to become socially mobile (higher education), and you’ll find the poor and middle-class are indebted to the wealthy just to obtain the tools to better their lives. You tell me, where is the American Dream in that?

Obama wanting to return to a more fiscally responsible and historically based tax plan is not socialism, it’s how American used to be fiscally responsible. Gov. Palin, John McCain, and those that would fall for their ridiculous nonsense, do your homework before you go around using words like socialism. Such pitiful rhetoric has no place in our country or our lives. Each time a Neo-Con Republican runs for office our country becomes more divided due to their unconstitutional social agenda, their hateful and fear-inducing oratory. This used to not be so. They could win on merit alone. But after their failed policies began to come to light they had to adapt the tactics listed above.

It’s time we remember that we’re all in this together. We must leave the hate and narrow-mindedness behind to ensure a bright, hopeful future for ourselves and our children.

James P said...

Bottom line to all of this is simple: Obamas past and present allies are as racist and socialist as it gets. Obama and all of his disgusting supporters (Wright, Ayers, Farrakahn,etc.) are up to no good with OUR country! Bottom line on socialist ideals: It is not anyones responsibility to pay for anothers way through life. In Amarica we are free because we have that freedom to stand on our own 2 feet and take responsibilty for our on actions such as working hard and taking care of our OWN family and making our OWN money and paying our OWN way through life, NOT having a socialist government taking large sums of money from others to pay the way through life for people that are to lazy to work, to lazy to go to collage, to lazy to finish highschool, to lazy to serve their country, or any thing else. It is not my neighbors responsibilty to raise my kids and feed my family, that is my responsibilty. Picture this: If you were to give health care to EVERYONE no matter what, think about who is everyone,(drug addicts, drug dealers, illegal aliens, alcoholics that won’t work, winos off the street, lazy people that just refuse to work because they know the government will hand them out something of a check, etc) ,how does the picture look so far??? WAKE up people!!! OBAMA is a smooth talking racist, socialist, fake, fooling all of whom that believes the crap that comes out of his mouth. You can’t even begin to find such dirt on McCain or Pallin, because it doesn’t exist!! McCain has always bled RED, WHITE and BLUE and always will. OBAMA has always done right the contrary, his friends have always been people that are anti-US, anti White, and rub shoulders with terrorist, both domestic and foriegn. As for Colin Powell, he has lost all common descencies backing a piece of trash like OBAMA. Do the only morally right thing and vote

Jason said...

Great post! :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone who uses the word "socialist" to describe this man needs to give their head a shake and take three minutes to read the definition. I think there must be a problem with your education system in America - how can you think such stupid things?!

"A political philosophy advocating substantial public involvement, through government ownership, in the means of production and distribution."

From what I understand, it was you Republican president who just brought your economy much more in line with this definition...

René O'Deay said...

Don't blame me, I voted for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

The people who say that we all should do for ourselves and stand on our own two feet and provide for our families have obviously never been poor or struggled to put food on the table or keep the electricity on. Wanting to help your fellow man is not socialist — it's the right thing to do.

Wanting to make sure that EVERY American has the means to a better life — not just the rich — is more red, white and blue than anything I can think of.

Obama has no control over the people who support him, or over their political views or the things they say. He should not be judged by their actions. Palin, on the other hand, has a husband who was a member of a group that wanted Alaska to secede from the union. How "red, white and blue" is that?

Erik said...

The writer of this blog post is truly ignorant.

I wonder what media sources he consumes. Probably Fox News, Sean Hannity, any number of right wing websites. If so, it is not surprising that he holds the views he does.

If only he could kick the right-wing-media habit.

Look up the definition of the word socialism before using it:

Progressive TaxesSocialism

P.S. Betty put it well.

jtstrocel said...

As a Canadian I can honestly say that you wouldn't know a real socialist if he conked you on the head and dragged you off to the gulag.

Daniel said...

Good points. I know that I will be voting McCain in 11 days (I know too many people that put their lives on the line for this country to ever not make it to the polls). I don't pray much but I know that I have been offering up some that this man doesn't get elected.

4 years of him blaming every problem on Bush(and of course arguing for 4 more because 4 years isn't enough time to fix the problems that Bush created), of people implying that you are a racist for disagreeing with his policies, and of a very scary lurch to a failed governmental system (socialism) is very depressing to contemplate.

As to commentator that implied that 85-90% taxation is the norm for the US, how about the time before that, when the US Government was small enought that it basically ran without one until that point, only brought in a few times of extreme budgetary necessity (mainly focusing on excise and tarrifs).

Leigh said...

Dude, you REALLY need to do some fact-checking! Betty is 100% correct in her comments. And by the way, do a little research into McCain's relationship with G. Gordon Liddy. And please, stop believing every ridiculous thing you read. Do your OWN research. Not only will it educate you, but it will make your arguments much stronger if you have actual facts to back-up your statements.

Anonymous said...

This is the first post I've read on this blog, and I like what I see. I'm not much of a McLame fan, but between the two, he definitely the better of the two choices. I'm disappointed that we haven't heard either one of them talking about immigration or border security. That's a huge issue, and both have effectively ignored it.

As far as differences between the two, It come down to one question--Do I want the government more involved in my life or less involved in my life? The founders of our country put in place a system of limited government and gave us a bill us rights that was about freedom from government. You want change? I'm all for it. Let's go back.

T. Brook Smith said...

Comparing the Obama election to the 9/11 attacks is beyond shocking. It's the kind of thing people do to justify violence against others...

...you have revealed yourself to be a potential terrorist against your own nation.

America has seen your mindless hate before and it's not going to work this time or any time again soon. Obama has been clear in his repudiation of LF. He has ridiculed the Messiah comparison. Your opinion on this matter is completely devoid of merit.

tjsheffield said...

Thank you for letting other Americans know the danger of this man & those who share his beliefs. A man who will not pledge his allegiance to our country should have NEVER been allowed in any government office of America, much less allowed to run for President. The Democrats and media try their best to talk about Sarah Palin's lack of intelligence, maybe they should examine their own - to support Obama, I sincerely wonder about theirs. His ideas about change in America are a hair away from treason much less socialism.

tjsheffield said...

And for those who want to blame Bush - they need to realize it was the Democratic congress that got us where we are.........

Sandra said...

I concur with you and My thanks and gratitude to Daniel for serving to make this a free country so far.

Anonymous said...

People can believe what they want about about Barack Hussein Obama. They can think he's going to make everything equal, he's going to solve all the economic problems, make the world a better place....let's all hold hands and wish upon a star. Please, get a grip! He really isn't the Messiah!

I've been very poor, I've been a single mom, I've had no health insurance in the past. I still managed to make it WITHOUT government help. Now that I've worked my butt off to have a home and my own small business I don't want anyone "re-distributing" what I have, and I don't want what anyone else has.

I have a problem with a guy who claims he became Christian, but keeps the name "Hussein".

Did you know that radical Muslims think he's their man? That's enough to make me worry.

Joni Mueller said...

The Wall Street bailout (which McCain is behind 100%) is more of a socialist action than anything 'Bama did or said.

Personally, neither one of the candidates (or their running mates) are worth a hill of beans. And it looks like the McCain/Palin train is about ready to go down in flames.

But your biblical analogy is spot-on. However, you forgot to mention one thing that the bible foretold: the coming of the antichrist.

Thanks for giving us all something to think about, no matter what side of the fence we are on. :)

Anonymous said...

Obama's not scholarly? Guess the requirements for being a constitutional law professor are pretty lax, then.

You want to see socialism? Look at the government bailout of AIG, the propping up of Freddie Mac, etc. under a Republican administration.

Obama would lower taxes on 95% of Americans -- are the folks posting here in the top 5% of incomes? No? Then you're getting a tax break.

Obama is a U.S. Senator, not some whack job that appeared out of nowhere. He's a brilliant family man that wants to serve his country as President. I hope to God he gets that chance.

Debbie said...

First time visitor. I saw that you were following me on Twitter, so I came to get to know you.

We disagree on politics and your feelings toward Obama disturb me greatly. I believe he will bring about the change America needs. As a giver to the poor my entire life, I see nothing wrong with wealth distribution. The greed in our country has reached massive proportions and needs to be curtailed.

We live in a world of more, more, more and are still not satisfied. Look where it has taken us.

I'm voting for Obama.

Dorian said...

That was an interesting post, and this is coming from a Obama supporter as well as someone that attends the pastor emeritus Jeremiah Wrights church. Okay, so for the last thirty years Jeremiah Wright has been preaching a message of being "Unapologetically black". That is thirty years of work in and out of the community and sermons in churches across the globe. To have a persons career be boiled down to one sound bite is insane. But anyways, what does it matter, peoples arguments have boiled down to making fun of name pronunciations and other such sillyness. If you are not voting for the cat, don't vote for him, but this lack of focus on who you ARE voting for really shows the state of America.

As far as the Messiah reference, it is amazing how much stake people take in the words of Farrakhan or Wright, when everything else they say, most people don't even care about. But I guess when someone you don't trust says something negative about someone you don't like, its okay to quote him then. As long as it suits your viewpoint.

I just take issue with the fact that in all of these posts, not one positive thing was mentioned about the people that these posters are supporting. I guess its good enough just to tear some one else down.

I am not a particularly relgious man, but to those that are "praying" for Obama to fail, doesn't that make you wonder about the kind of god you are praying to wishing for the downfall of another. Think About It.

Phil Hart said...


It's more than one sound bite for sure. Besides wright, there are numerous "DOCUMENTS" that ties Obama to other radical individuals. Would you write an endorsement on a book written by someone you find questionable in character?

Anonymous said...

Like the proverbial Christmas Turkey, you "my friend", are full of it. And so too, also are, of course, McCain and Palin, also. You can't beat stupid, but you don't have to vote it into office.

Damian said...

thanks for helping me decide to vote for obama!! woo hoo! I love messiahs.

Anonymous said...

You are so right! Seig heil!

Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't any sort of tax change socialist? I mean, it redistributes wealth, so therefore it must be socialist?

Gabriel Roland said...

I find this to be an apt response to that Socialism image:


Gabriel Roland said...

Honestly, reading this statement: "the thought of this man as Commander and Chief is more horrifying to me than was watching those planes hit the World Trade Center"

If you are being honest here, you are likely certifiably insane.

vignarajan said...

Good one!

Nate said...


Just read everything there. Everyone knows Snopes, they're a well-considered group that debunks all kinds of internet myths. That's where you seem to be getting a lot of your information. All you McCain voters, here's the short of it: If you make less than a quarter-million dollars a year, you're going to continue getting screwed if McCain is elected. Are you really better off now than you were in 1999?

Ky Ha said...


Politifact and Factcheck have both checked out the "socialist" claim. They've both viewed it to be false.

See, socialism occurs when the means of production is owned by the State, not private enterprise, and thus the State is responsible for providing for the well-being of everyone. (What Palin didn't mention during that particular speech is that what she was basing the statement on, the "spread the wealth around" comment, is more related to a progressive tax than anything else. Obama's plan calls for about 39% tax on those netting more than $250,000/year, which is about what it was during Clinton, and is MUCH less than the 94% it was in 1944. This, combined with the fact that McCain also favors a progressive tax as a no-brainer, means that McCain/Palin is just as much of a socialist ticket as Obama/Biden.)

Second, Joe the Plumber was found to be plumbing without a license, illegally. In addition, the way he phrased the question left some confusion as to whether he was talking 'net' or 'gross' in his "makes about $280,000 a year" comment.

Third: With the damage that Bush did to the US's image around the world, we need someone who's more of a uniter -- trying to bring everyone together -- than a divider... such as McCain and the GOP's repeated "we need to be safe from terrorists, and it doesn't matter how we get them" concept.

Fourth: One of the things that has happened to the US in this generation is that respect for education and hard work has been reduced. Taking a more "power flows from the bottom up" approach (rather than the 'power flows from top-down' model of Reagan-era Republicanism's "trickle-down economics" and Socialism) means that taking a job as a community organizer netted Obama a couple of very interesting bits of experience: first, experience with what people in his area really needed, and second, experience in a non-profit environment -- which is a little-understood facet of this country's sociopolitical landscape. Non-profit organizations are those things that do the things that would otherwise be considered "welfare" -- things like the Salvation Army. By being a community organizer, he also helped drive into those peoples' heads the concept of responsibility for their own well-being, and the responsibility to interact with the political system to ensure that their needs were actually factored into the political plans of the area.

What has McCain done to increase awareness of even a small group of people of how they can make sure their needs are brought to the table? How is he not at the top, trying to profiteer the same way that Bush and Cheney did?

Anonymous said...

This post and the nut job right-wing responses is why I'm glad to have left the Republican party.

How can any of you call Obama a socialist with a straight face after what Bush just did? Besides that, don't all taxes "re-distribute wealth".

Anonymous said...

@ Anon Oct 24 3:53 -- It's bigots like you who have got your country in all this trouble in the first place. You're an idiot, and you don't deserve the right to vote.

Anonymous said...

You sir, are clearly a moron.

Anonymous said...

This blog is chock full of half baked conspiracy theories.

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