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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama the judge

First Obama is the Messiah and now he's got his own constitution which dates back perhaps to his radical left wing associations to Bill Ayers, Farrakhan, Wright and Khallidi. I guess people are flocking to live in Chicago given the leadership of this town and it's influence from the far-left. We could ask the major..right? I wonder what the crime rate or school boards are like in Chicago? Ever wonder why these left wingers all seem to be very quiet recently? I wonder who these folks would be voting for? Should you vote on the same ticket as them? Recent news about Obama's re-defining or in another words correcting this nation's founding fathers is simply appauling. Obama continues to lead in the poles which is dominanted by liberal media's hidden agenda. Are we really giving in to what's about to come? or is it simply those who support McCain's are not being polled at all? Another controversy? Acorn is not only trying to manipulate the voting registration but the poles as well? There seem to be something new being brought to daylight in the deep hidden closets of Barack Obama. I wonder what Obama will say tonight on his 30 minute media buy. Ever wonder why Obama retracted on his promise about campaign financing? Didn't he say, he would only use public financing?

If people thought Joe the Plumber was some kind of stumble for Barack Obama, a rediscovered interview from 2001 should dispel any doubts about Barack Obama’s redistributionism. Seven years ago, Obama told Chicago Public Radio that the Warren Court was too conservative and missed its opportunity to redistribute wealth on a much grander scale. In fact, Obama wanted them to break the Constitution and reorder American society far outside of what the founders intended.

Re-distribution of wealth

Speak out against the framers

As Obama campaign staffers were busy unearthing connections between John McCain and the Keating Five, G. Gordon Liddy, and ACORN itself, Barack Obama must have been adding to his daily prayers the hope and wish that a 2001 interview with Chicago Public Radio would not make it into the media. It appears that the deity in charge of elections is not listening at the moment, and YouTube has a clip of said interview.

US News reported in 2001 Barack Obama discussed the use of the United States Supreme Court as a vehicle that could be used to "spread the wealth." During the interview, Senator Obama stated that "the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth" and he also figured that it is entirely plausible to "come up with a rationale for bringing about economic change through the courts."

Barack Obama's record reveals him to be the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate. That makes total sense. Listen to him talk. Note his philosophy.


I understand people wanting to have change. But change for the sake of change can be dangerous. This Chicago Public Radio interview, on WBEZ.FM, from 2001, shows that Obama's "spread the wealth around" statement to Joe Wurzelbacher wasn't an off-the-cuff, unfortunate choice of words. It was a glimpse into his long-held beliefs about the redistribution of wealth and "reparative" economic work. It's important to understand what sort of change Obama envisions for the country. Obama's idea of "economic justice" would have played well in the failed Soviet Union.

I have trouble trusting a man who says one thing to one group, then says something else to another group on the same subject. Barack Obama has done this many times. We know where John McCain stands, like it or not.

Mr. Obama is for big government that promises, it seems, everything imaginable, but will pay for it by taxing the rich. This is called socialism. He has a health care plan that will cost billions of dollars. He also wants to bring back the death tax and the capital gains tax. John McCain is not in favor of raising taxes.

I cannot forget what happened on 9/11 when 2,000 people died an unjust death. John McCain wants to win the war in Iraq and stay on offense against the terrorists. A good defense is a good offense. Barack Obama would leave Iraq without preconditions and downsize our military.McCain wants to drill for oil while looking for new technologies. Obama is against drilling.

However, he is a man who has lived with honor his entire life. Agree with him or not, McCain is not a marketing image. He is what he is and I believe he’s an honorable man. I also think that his policies, while not 100% up my alley, will handle things far better than those of a man who is clearly extremely liberal and has, quite frankly, the shortest resume of any person ever nominated by a major political party for this office.

Lastly, the Democrats may even pick up seats in Congress (the same Congress with a 9%approval rating). The idea of the Democrats holding both houses of Congress – and an extremely liberal and partisan president – that should scare the crap out of anybody. It wasn’t good when the GOP had it – why would it be good when the left has it. Checks and balances are a good thing.

Having a Democrat in office isn’t a bad thing. But at least give me a moderate. Bill Clinton was pretty moderate, as an example. I’d rather have him back than Obama. Obama is off the chart FAR to the left, and that is something that, quite frankly, I don’t think this country deserves nor will do well with.


Peter said...


Jamestown Boy said...

You're doing an excellent job getting suppressed news out to the people and I also commend you for the speed in which you do it! I'm a new reader to your blog, maybe several months, and aspire to your level of expertise. I've got a loooong way to go, but a great model to keep me on the right track. Kudos and a cartwheel!

Piper said...

Barack Obama and Rashid Khalidi connection brings out to the open the question -
who is Obama?
Strange that he commands so much respect from the U.S. citizens... but in reality he is a stranger who will be the President of the United States of America.

Laughing Cow said...

No surprises here at all. Obumma and his slimy friends in LOW places will keep showing up on sites like this one,
and NOT on the MSM. Obumma's ties to these reprobtes goes a long ways back to his Chicago days. The nasty Rev. Wright was only the tip of the iceberg. Obumma is PRO ARAB, PRO PALESTINIAN, PRO ISLAM(do not care what he states, it is a LIE) and anti Israel to the core. Remember, this Europistan socialist copy cat wanna be President is going to say what needs to be said to put people at ease, especially American Jews. I am amazed by the disgusting number of American Jews who think this idiot is worth supporting. Look aroound us people! Islam and stealth jihad are getting really entrenched in this country. It starts on our socialist liberal college campuses with left wing nut academics brain washing our youth that the USA is bad, no matter what. Tolerance and diversity are the ways to success and peace. McCain and Palin need to do more to expose this liar for what he is: ANTI AMERICAN, a SOCIALIST with friends in low places that he will reward with appointments to his cabinet should he be elected. That will truly wreck this country for years to come. This is one American Jew who ain't tilted to the left, never have been , and never will be. I like my guns, I used to hunt all the time, year round before I had too many orthopedic surgeries, still fish every chance I can, live in the middle of nowhere, Oregon and me and my family are BARELY getting by, like so many others right now. Obumma's ties to these closet islamofacists will do only a select few in his corner, any good! He is NOT for AMERICA, period!!

SunnyCa said...

Obama is a hypocrite and a liar. His relationship with Rashid Khalidi is anything but casual. It is rather damning perhaps less damning than his 20 year relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright or with Tony Rezko, but it is nonetheless a matter of concern especially since he keeps on telling different audiences different things.

Lenny said...

Check this out...illegal money toward Obama's campaign??


Angry Joe said...

The 30 minute infomercial was depressing and insulting. He seem to promise a lot and wants what's best for everybody. Almost like a God sent. He won't even take care of his own blood relatives!!! what makes you think he would take care of you people in which he spent his better part of his life hating by collaborating with questionable people who wants to harm you and your children. Wake up stupid people of America! See the real barack behind his smooth talkings.


Anonymous said...


A Brit here. Quite funny really, reading the comments people have written, that you all seem to believe that Obama is the devil incarnate. It's almost laughable. I've been to America many many many times and I know, by reading your papers and listening to your news, just how little you know about the rest of the world.

It's sad really.

I like America and the UK is a great ally - but the desperation of Republicans is extreme.

Obama sounds like Osama - Monty Python joke

Hussein - even funnier

Biden = Bin laden - even more funny.

Come on guys - get real. Is it because he's black? Be truthful now.

From an International point of view you have to laugh at the anti-Obama sentiment and the desperate reasons for these feelings.

It's difficult for you guys because you seem to believe the media - now where have I heard that before??

Take a look at British politics - less razzamatazz and more issues.

And by the way - if I were American I would vote for Obama.

I can;t believe you voted for Bush Junior once - and TWICE knowing that he cheated the first time.

You can't make it up


Deb said...

I love your research and honesty. Thanks so much for posting. I'm sending your link out to as many people as I can think of that will pass this along.
I sit in fear for our country, and pray for America everyday!!! Why have people forgotten 911, it's never talked about anymore and Bin Laden is quiet. Has anyone ever thought why?
All we can do is vote and then PRAY for our country.

Sandra said...

Great post! :)

Leigh said...

This is ridiculous. I've challenged you two times now to do your OWN research to find the TRUTH, but you have not. What are you afraid of?

By the way, Obama went to a farewell dinner for his colleague, Khalidi, who was leaving the University of Chicago to take a position at Columbia University, where he continues his employment today as a leading scholar of Middle Eastern studies. But guess what? During the 1990s, while he served as chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), McCain distributed several grants to the Palestinian research center co-founded by Khalidi, including one worth half a million dollars.

A 1998 tax filing for the McCain-led group shows a $448,873 grant to Khalidi’s Center for Palestine Research and Studies for work in the West Bank.

The relationship extends back as far as 1993, when John McCain joined IRI as chairman in January. Foreign Affairs noted in September of that year that IRI had helped fund several extensive studies in Palestine run by Khalidi’s group, including over 30 public opinion polls and a study of “sociopolitical attitudes". Does that mean that McCain actually funded terrorists???!!! No, of course not. He did nothing unseemly or "dangerous", and neither did Obama!

Get your facts straight!

Julie said...

Wow...I'm clearly in the minority here and anything I have to say would be a waste of my time. This is really sad to see. Peace out people.

Anonymous said...

You're doing an excellent job espousing rhetoric and lies, exactly like that which you are condemning Obama for. He's a politician with a desire to represent all of society, not a dark messiah. His supporters know this, and that it what they mean when they say he's the one. You are sadly mistaken and paranoid.

Espo's Musings said...

This is a great post. If only some stations would tap into this.

Jasper said...


For McCain, he was not the one granting the grants. He may not even have known the group. For Obama it's entirely different. He is very aware and this is a fact of who these people are.

Jeremiah Wright - Fact, Obama sit in his church for 20 years. Obama said, he goes to church twice a month and if we do math correctly which will equate to over 500 times.

Bill Ayers - Suppose to be a guy that lives in his neighborhood. errr....the last time I check, I don't think I wrote anything remotely close to what Obama did in Bill Ayers book endorsing it. Serve together on a board and then dine together with Khallidi.
Back in 1974, Bill Ayers wrote another book and dedicated that book to guess who?? another known killer and this time an assasin. Who did he assasinated? Edward Kennedy...outregeous!

Finally tax plan...well..see you at the unemployment line if Obama is elected. It may not happen in 2009 but it will happen in 2010 when Obama refuse to re-up on the Bush tax cuts.

O..if Obama is President, we may not even be able to blog anymore. Everything have to be pro Obama. He may even shut down newspapers too. Check out the news today with 3 major newspapers reaction toward what Obama did to them. Dallas morning news, Washington times, New York post. Obama is revengeful and he didn't even take care of his aunt who lives in a slum in Boston. He is going to take care of you?? He is enslaving you by giving you a small check for life! keeping you stupid while he rules.

Sarah from San Fran said...

Well I find that a pretty pathetic excuse. When you sit on a board and give out grants you look at the proposal and their paperwork and this was for elections and freedom and how it works especially for the palestine issues. Something you seem to be forgetting So did Obama and Ayers funnel money to Khalidi so being on a board that gave grants to an organization and being friends and spending time is completly different. Mccain's stand on Israel is pretty clear but Obama is what he wants everyone to know. Obama is the anti-semite

Jasper said...

It is pretty sad that we now live in a country where one Presidential canidate could not even pass a FBI background check but can be President. When I went to work for the state I had to have a background check before getting the job. But someone who wants to be President can. That is pretty sad.

I cannot believe that Americans are voting for Obama and let me explain.
I am a registered Democrat and had never heard of Obama so I begin to research who he is and what he has done.
What I found was shocking. Obama was a sentor in Chicago and destroyed his former district with paling around with Tony Rezko and we know what happened to him. Obama has an abortion stand that even calls for infanticide. He voted against the born alive infant protection act. He has promised PP that the first thing he would do is sign the FREEDOM OF CHOICE ACT LOOK IT UP. Obama has some pretty RADICAL FRIENDS who hates America. AYERS, FARRAKHEN, REZKO, WRIGHT, ACORN, CODE PINK, KWAME KILPATRICK, KHALIDI, and those we do not know.

Americans have turned a blind eye and especially the media who refuse to tell the truth about OBAMA. The bias in this election is shocking. When you have commentator who talks about Obama sending a chill up his leg.

ACORN is an organization who is trying to help steal the election for Obama he has given them 834,000.00 for get out the vote and he even promised them 12/07 that they would help him shape his presidency. Then on top of just this information OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS CAUSED THE FINANCIAL CRISIS BY TAKING MONEY FROM THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. CHAIRMAN CHRISTOPHER DODD, OBAMA, CHAIRMAN BARNEY FRANK EVEN HAD A AFFAIR WITH ONE OF THE TOP AT FANNIE MAE, PELOSI, REID, THERE WILL BE NO DRILLING YOU CAN BET ON THIS AND ON AND ON

Obama is someone people do not know and the media will not investigate but people are willing to vote for him because he "speaks well" When you ask people tell me 1 thing he has accomplished they cannot come up with 1.

I fear for my nation. Granted it has it's problems and we have times in our history that we cannot be proud of but looking at our country from outside in we live in the greatest country in the world. People are risking their lifes to get into this country. With all of the problems, issues, we are still the greatest nation on earth. My fear with Obama and the democrats this is not the way they feel and if they do win they will destroy this country. So for Americans in this country to ignore who OBAMA is and what he has and has not done is scary. It is like the piped piper with the masses following him off into the abyss.

Moonbeam said...

I thought it was funny that Obama was encouraging early voting the same day that it was announced that the LA Times had a videotape of him and Khalidi. He is the devil and why people can't see through him will remain a mystery to me. He lied about how he was going to fund his campaign; he conveniently distanced himself from Rev. Wright when he became public as an anti-American racist; he has been linked to Ayers and Khalidi and if he were applying for a position within the FBI he would not be hired for his mere association to these guys, yet he's high on the polls to be our commander in chief; he padded his pockets with fannie and freddie and turned his head to their lax regs and there seems to be a pattern here with his shady campaign funding...who's going to benefit from his presidency? Don't know because he lifted the filter on the campaign contributions and the prepaid visa's can't be traced. Obama can't make a decision because he voted "present" 138 times while in the Senate. He has a socialist idiologies. Why does anyone think he'll be a good president, please, tell me, I would like to know. McCain is an American Hero. There is no doubt about his loyality to the United States. And you have to start there: loyality, transparenacy, integrity,honesty, backbone. Only McCain has all of those traits. Why would anyone chance Obama knowing now what we know?

Henrietta from GA said...

Well If Obama is so "squeaky clean, why doesn't HE insist the LA TIMES release that tape?" He conveniently knows "lots of people in the neighborhood" He also did go to Islamist Schools during his time in Indonesia His Father and Step Father (his mom re-married) were Muslim and, being a male, he was raised Muslim too. Folks there are only a few days left !!! This stranger could be President Is Iran bombs Israel the US will do NOTHING This is what Joe Biden was talking about "...Our response may not be what you would expect so please bear with us, we are right!" Joe has swallowed the Kool Aid, too. A Christian Lebanese friend of mine spoke about OMEN 3 and I thought that was silly, but now I'm not sure sure. You Betcha VOTE FOR MAC

BBQ Joe said...

Even inside Obama's campaign, some of his people already feel that everything is just about Obama. With over $600 millions raised for the Democratic campaign, Obama has not given any to help out with campaigning at Congress or Senate level or even help out with Clinton's debt. All money has been poured into Obama's image. $600 millions!!!

The most liberal and egotistic candidate ever. You don't help the people sitting in the wagon by screwing the one pulling it. After hours of pulling the wagon, when refreshment comes, the people sitting in the wagon get it first. What a deal.

America, please vote rationally, not emotionally. The whole world envy the US. We have become the greatest nation because of our free entrepreneurial spirit, not big government control as in other nations.

Noidiot here said...

Liberals just do not understand what any business does for the economy. Here is the simple domino effect...

Small Business starts up with five people, after 10 years, begins to make $300,000 in profit. Taxes increased on SB, lowering the profit to just under $100,000. That $100,000 is used to hire two more people, increasing the profit to $300,000 again. Taxes are raised again, this time lowering profit to $50,000. One person is hired, as taxes are increased yet again. Now the business is in the red, an must do something to avoid failing. Four of the eight are now unemployed, reducing the amount of money in the economy. The economy now is shaky, and SB is still struggling to get into the black. SB lays off two more, leaving the company with two. Two people cannot support a business, it folds, and instead of eight people working, either people are unemployed. Multiple this by 1 SB per town in the country...lots of people unemployed.

I'll be nice and use a Liberal term here. Voodoo Economics is needed because who hires more people, SB or Pepsi? Pepsi, no brainer. Lower their taxes, giving them more money. This leads to more advertising, which makes people want to buy their product. Demand overtake supply, forcing Pepsi to hire more people to get more money. Now, SB sells Pepsi. With all of the extra revenue, they need a couple more people to help out because they just bought another cash register to handle the increase of consumers. Reaganomics benifits everybody, and I just cannot understand why people do not realize it.

Colin Morris said...

Of the following, I don't know which is more pathetic : That you don't back up a single one of your baseless, paranoid accusations with a legitimate fact or that there are so many sad, sad people believing and supporting liars like yourself. (Kudos especially to a star among your readers, Jasper the Detective, who finally solved the financial crisis mystery.)

"Espo" says some "stations" should tap into this. As a member of that evil liberal media you've all so keenly identified, I can tell you that every news story needs a little bit of relevance and at least one single fact.

Everything on you've written seems to lack both.

See you at the polls.

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Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. You are what's wrong with this country. You and your ilk are why the United States has come off the rails.

Mr G said...

Part of the problem with Obama's tax plan is that his tax cuts for those making below $100,000 essentially all come from mere redistribution (lump-sum transfers). They are mostly just tax credits which do very little for incentives. (In fact, via the income effect, it would deter work.)

Now compared to a 2011 baseline, Obama does extend the lower marginal rates, and he does (relative to 2009 baseline) lower marginal rates by patching AMT.

However, almost all of his new "tax cuts" for those in the middle-income range are merely government spending (handouts) disguised as a tax cut. That is, tax expenditures.

It's just that the IRS is the one doing the handing out instead of some other government agency.

JJ the tankboy said...

I am a small business owner. What incentive is there for Bill Gates or other business entrepeneurs to start a large company and dream big if the benefit is not there. Overtaxing business owners takes away the incentive and stifles growth. Overall, I'm for Obama, but his tax plan could tax m family at close to 60% of my income. That scares the heck out or me.

Piulmoon said...

I have a real question that I hope someone can answer. My biggest concern is that I could soon cross the "wealth" barrior according to Obama - and I cannot get an answer on how the removal of caps on Social Security payments will work.

Right now, we pay on all income up to approximately $103k, and then stop paying for the rest of the year. For this example, say I made $248k last year).

Let's assume my income goes up to $252k next year. Under his proposed plan - would I be taxed without limitation on every dollar of my income (as his verbage suggests)? Or only an additional tax on the income above $250k.

The difference between these is huge - as my income would be reduced (per the nex tax rule) by $100 in once scenario, but closer to $7,500 in the other. A raise would cost me money!

pepe said...

I personally searched various videos on these two individuals to see for myself what they were about. There is a direct linkage between radical Islam to Black Liberation Theology. To Everyone reading this article, do your own search and see what is behind these two individuals and Obama. This is absolutely frightening that he is so close to becoming President taking over our Supreme Court. This is the ultimate for Islam....the internal conquering of the United States of America.

Kbob said...

Obama's house of cards, is full of skeletons:

and that house is starting to collapse:

the worst scandal: is brother George, who lives in a shack without clean water to drink:

WHILE Obama spends 1/2 billion in cash and in kind benefits to move into the white house:

HE gave thousands to his hate filled church:

HOWEVER:: he could NOT raise 100 bucks to send to his brother to improve his life !!

Obama claims to be for family first and for the POOREST:

Obama is living in the fast lane with the super rich and super famous, flushes his toilet with pristine water: and he can't spare a dime for his destitute brother

that is the worst scandal ever of any candidate for higher office:

Laughing Brit said...

The cult of Obamamania is proof this country and its people has become a population of uneducated citizens when it comes to electing our government representatives. For years, we have left it to the media to provide their views instead of checking out the candidates ourselves.

Unfortunately, we have become a country governed by a small group of people with special interests and agendas who pull the strings of whichever political puppet looks the best in a suit or talking from a podium. Don’t know about other posters but to me that one step away from communism. It is not too late . . . but time is quickly running out. RESEARCH, THINK and VOTE but be sure that your VOTE is cast for someone who supports your ideologies.

One of our past great presidents said, 'You can't fool all the people, all the time . . .' but Barack Obama is sure giving it his best shot!

Mamamia said...

Obama Government is going to give me Gas!, he's going to give me health care, he's going to give me a car..He's going to take money away from those that have too much and share them with those who don't have a lot. He is going to re-define this land. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. he isn't like us.

Anonymous said...


Alex said...

The problem with this post and many of these comments is not so much in your interpretation of the issues. It's okay that you have disagreements with Obama's policy positions. That's fine. It's when you get into this paranoid talk about socialism and conspiracies that you go off the deep end.

Socialism? Bush just nationalized major banking institutions. Giving up chasing down Bin Laden and terrorists by leaving Iraq? The 9/11 highjackers weren't from Iraq. Obama is FOR focusing military forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan where these terrorist camps are.

Stick to being rational and you might convince someone who isn't already on your side.

Anonymous said...

Obama brings Judgement upon the US. God will oppose every Obama move. Our economy will hit bottom, never to return. US citizens will pay for the election of Obama. Bless Israel and be blessed; curse Israel, and be cursed. Obama curses Israel with "Mitchell and Clinton". God will deal with a US led by Obama.

Anonymous said...

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