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Monday, October 13, 2008


Do you need a reliable Sales Executive Search Firms CMICareers.com specializes in finding qualified employment for qualified individuals. In today's economy, good or suitable job placements have been a top priority on many executives mind.

CMI was founded in 1998, with humble beginnings to say the least. Started out of a basement having no dedicated phone or fax lines, the company had two recruiters and less than 10 clients to begin the year in 1999. By the year 2000, CMI grew to 10 employees and topped $1 Million in sales.

The primary focus in CMI’s early days was placing entry level business to business sales professionals, moving steadily towards technology sales and eventually executive search at all levels within sales and marketing.

At CMI, it's niche is in the technology industry; specifically in the sales & marketing functions. They align exceptional talents directly responsible for generating company revenue. This is a clear return on their investment. Candidates prefer CMI because they take the time to get to know them before help lay out their future path. CMI are career agents. They are consultants who share the knowledge in the process.

Finally there mission statement is "To listen, to determine and to find the ideal job for individuals with sales and marketing experience, not just fill a need."