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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

London Region 2 - Garages

If you have ever visited London or live there, you must be knowing that London is not like the metropolitan cities. There are some strict law and order in London and other big cities of UK and you are supposed to follow that. Let’s take the example of parking. In London or better say in whole UK, it is against the law to park a vehicle in the middle of a highway or road. In congested urban areas like London parking is time consuming and very expensive. Big cities are running out of space. Traditional parking is overpriced and overcrowded. So then what is the solution of this problem. Yeah, I have a good solution for that. It is ParkLet.co.uk where you can rent a parking space for your vehicle in comfortable London Garages

In big cities like London, you have to rent a parking space for your vehicle. Parklet.co.uk is the UK marketplace for parking spaces and garages. It provides services like parking spaces and garages to let, buy, rent or sell near the station, town or city centre. Their rental prices are much cheaper than comparable season ticket, contract parking, or local storage companies. They also provide secure, underground spaces for parking. They also act as a sales agent for parking spaces and garages throughout the UK. Customer feedback to date has been extremely positive due to their good service.

These are a few great features of Park Let:

-They offer the largest number of parking spaces and garage spaces available in the UK.
-Easy and convenient monthly payment.
-Your own guaranteed parking space 24 hours a day.
-No need to worry about damage of the car.
-You can simply call their friendly and professional staff, and they will work on your behalf to find the best parking space for you.

They only charge commission is 2.5% of the sale price, if you sell a parking space through them.You can solve car parking problem by using the quality services of Park Let. What you are thinking ? Frustrated with traditional car parking, then go for Park Let.Park Let Ltd was launched by its founder members, following years of frustrated commuting into the City of London.

The frustrations included:
Car stolen!
Car vandalised!
Wrong change in the morning!
Main car parks being full by 7:30am!
Dark, dingy and smelly multi storey car parks!
Extortionate pricing!

While enduring all of the above, they could not help but notice large empty secure spaces within the vicinity, whether it be a private residential driveway or an unused company car park. Following extensive research it was realised that the combination of an extra income and added security by having a car parked on their driveway, also proved attractive to Landlords. This was the inspiration for Park Let Ltd, a service where all parties benefit from a simple but unique service.