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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SJ Discount Tools - Spring Compressor

Whether you have a hobby or a business that requires the use of tools, your best bet to get the best prices is on the Internet. Everyone knows that tools can get pretty expensive, especially if you want the good stuff. There is a great place on the net that specializes in Air Tools & Accessories and it’s called SJDiscountTools.com.

It is a one stop shop for Air tools, Power tools, Cordless tools and Construction tools for a job of any size. Some of the brands they carry are Ingersoll Power Tools and Fluke Automotive Tools at discount prices you won’t find anywhere else. If you do find the same tools at a lower price somewhere else, than let them know and SJ Discount Tools will make every effort to match those prices.

Here is a sampling of some of the tools they carry:

Ingersoll Power Tools
Cordless tools
Drill and Drill Presses
Saws and Routers
Grinders and Polishers
Nail Guns
Air Tools That Get Hard Jobs Done
Impact Air Tool Guns
Air Tool Nail Guns
Air Compressors
Air Tool Paint Guns

Fluke automotive tools
Brake Service Equipment
Engine and Transmission Tools
Tire and Suspension Tools
Vehicle Services
Automotive Welding

Spring Compressor - Remove and replace valve springs in GM 8-cylinder engines. Heavy-duty tool replaces weak or broken valve springs and guide seals with cylinder head on the engine. Compressor is used by removing rocker and fastening tool to stud with nut. Pull on the handle to compress spring. Use with 901 or 2992 Air Hold Fittings to keep valve closed. Length: 12-1/2".

Valve Spring Compressor K-D Tools 2078 - Universal Overhead

Remove valve springs on most cars with overhead valves without removing the cylinder head. Offset jaws grip the valve spring in parallel compression. Tool maintains constant length as spring is compressed. Use with 901 or 2992 Air Hold Fittings to keep valve in place. Go to SJDIscountTools.com and see them for yourself.