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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Warren Buffet had recently said that now is the time to scoop up some cheap stocks! With people like me who don't know dickens about the stock market, InformedTrades.com could be a great resources for us. The site features David Waring a trading guru who gives you daily tips and bits from the market. For starter like me, his free courses look very appealing since they are all video-based and free of hard-to-digest buzz words! The free courses offers topics range from money management to forex trading to seminars from expert traders. Anything you can think of regarding finances and trading, David got a course for you.

InformedTrades.com lives up to their mission to "empower traders with knowledge. Besides the predesigned courses, it highlights forums and discussions for traders to exchange latest info, and David links many videos from gurus on the latest money topics. I especially recommend David's analysis on the whole Suprime mortgage phenomenon from the get-go to the nitty-gritty of the crisis.

Above all, this site is so user-friendly. It is like learning from a friend without an overload of information that overwhelms you.