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Thursday, November 13, 2008


AiiiChieeee..... Uh-oh.. sign of trouble coming from your little ones. How often do we hear our little ones sneeze and cough out of no where, especially right after he or she just recovers from another cold or stomach virus? My oh my.. nowadays, being a parent we have so many hats to wear. Not only do we have to meet all the basic needs such as food and clothes, we frequently have to take on the roles of "nurses" and "doctors." Fortunately with help just a few clicks away on your computer or labtop, life is made much easier for us these amateur nurses and doctors. One of the many parenting sites that stand out is Gurgle.com. The site really lives by its slogan "Baby stuff made easy." The article on How to cope with preschool illnesses is helpful for any parent who has kids in preschool. From head lice to the common cold to the Flu, the article breaks down the causes, the treatment and how to prevent the illness or problem. Talking about cold, did you know that a majority of body heat is lost through your head? To keep our little ones warm, be sure to keep their heads warm! This is just one of the many great tips from another Gurgle.com article How to cope with preschool illnesses Make sure you visit Gurgle.com and dig through the treasure to protect your little ones.