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Friday, November 14, 2008


Stylehive is an online shopping junction which is meant for true shopaholics. It is one of the largest online collaborative shopping clubs or community of various groups of people searching the web for latest styles and trends. Shopping recommendations provided by stylehivers serve as a good source for selecting the most suitable and contemporary products. The website serves as an interactive platform where the members cooperate with each other in finding the hottest stores, trends, styles and fashions. 'Collective', 'Stylish' and 'Sensible' shopping are the major focus areas attracting folks to be a member of Stylehive community. It is a network of people striving for fashion and always working towards attaining something new, stylish and trendy to adopt in their daily lives. Stylehive allows occasion based collection of information on daily basis in Hives. One can make use of tags to make personalized list. As a subscriber of this site, one can even recommend a new product to promote it. Informative findings can also be shared with compatible shoppers, friends, and relatives.

This website is specially dedicated for those highly addicted to fashion and trendy design products. Thanks to their exceptional perception of what’s hot right now this tool rocks the fashion world by introducing hot new lines of clothing, accessories and several other interesting brand products. Stylehive has become a global online shopping tool, a social bookmarking site for anything related to fashion, a real community of retailers, designers, fashion consumers by introducing new shopping strategies. You can register for free and start surfing their unbelievable choices and products: from couture to simple street style, the latest trends, tips on dressing, fashion news, you will find out everything you need to hit the fashion’s world and become as popular as possible. All most interesting products, brands and fashion stores are displayed and tagged by this Hive community. Want to check out fleece ?