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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Lord heard my prayer

Dear Readers,

It is by recognizing my own failure that God releases
blessing, courage and strength upon me and my household. This has
been a story book eventful year. Below is another reflection of my life using my
limited range of words. It's title - The Lord heard my prayer.

The word "Sight" plays a double meaning within the words below.

As I knee before His majesty at nights and early dawns
He heard my many prayers of psalm 31
It’s a mystery why certain things happen the way they are
These mysteries are miracles that God have unto us
I always wonder why God would answer these prayers of mine
As Abraham about to throw down the determine cut
Hanging humbly on the cross, you chose to have your blood drip away
Always, you are the conqueror, the one and only Living Christ
Who heard my prayer and answer it with a perfect sight.

You took her hand and held on tight
A king who step down to call me by name
You were, You are and You will always be
The King who brought me to my knees
And answer my prayer with a perfect sight

Every moment is not an accident
With your last breath you utter the words
That put my heavy soul on your shoulder
You are the God who understand
The risen one whom still listens to our prayer
It’s more than just about man who once walked these path
He is air that I breathe and the living water that quenches my thirst
I am unworthy to bow before His merciful grace
He is The one who brought me my perfect sight


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