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Monday, June 22, 2009

Perpetual innovation

The internet is a forum for perpetual innovation and this is evidenced once again with the development of the Twitter community. There are very few people who have not heard of Twitter since it is mentioned frequently in various media channels. The reason for the constant mentioned of Twitter is fairly self-evident. Twitter is a fantastic communicative medium that can help serve a number of purposes. One beneficial strategy people enjoy Twitter for is to booster traffic to their website. How is the achieved? The process is quite simple.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter has been best described as a mini blogging site. Unlike other blogs, Twitter involves sending a series of very short blog notices. These short blog entries are then read by those members of the writer's Twitter account. Of course, these short blog entrees (called tweets) can be read by anyone who comes across them surfing the web as well. Now, if one were to employ Twitter as a means of boosting website traffic, this process would be far easier than most imagine.

How It Works To Boost Traffic

Here is the way it works: let's say you have made an update to your website. Clearly, you would want people to read your new update and in order for them to do this, they must be made aware of the updates. So, through Twitter, you would make a series of tweets announcing the updates. Of course, you would also add a link to the various tweets so the readers can follow the links to the site. Those readers of the Twitter account then become the newly boosted traffic to the site. Does this sound simple? If it does, it is because it is!

Clearly, the more tweets you make promoting your website, the more traffic you will drive to the site. As such, a two-pronged strategy of updated your website and then tweeting about it should work tremendously well in terms of boosting much needed traffic to the site. Performing this strategy will reap huge traffic dividends if it performed consistently.

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