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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Magic

Been in a broken relationship before? Been there and done that? Why is it so hard to communicate? How come she just seem to not understand me? Breaking up can be a very dramatic event in anyone's life. It does not have to be though. There are ways of recovering from a breakup to make making up easier. There are ways of saving a relationship. There are also mistakes to avoid when making up to assure a better chance of getting together again.

There is no doubt about it, breaking up is hard to do. And making up can be hard to do, if you do not eliminate the traps. I know it sucks. Been there and got the Tee Shirt, just like you.

There are some things a body can do to ease the pain of breaking up and in the process you just might get that lover back. But, have you really considered if this is what you want or if it is really the best thing for you?

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While you are feeling desperate and anxious it is not the best time to push to save a relationship.

Remember, while you love them, they are not yours. Let them go. If they are yours, they will come back.

You can not change what happened. What has happened has happened. It is for everyone's best good. I know it is hard to believe when you think you life is ruined.

There are no accidents and this too shall pass away. You will be a new person, a better person and a stronger person for this experience. If you do not let go you will only repeat the pattern over and over again. The best chance of saving a relationship is to let it go, for a while.

Start making up now!!

You are an OK person. Above all, hold that thought. These things happen to the very best of us. Love yourself as you are. It is normal to second guess what kind of person we are after a breakup.

We look for all of our would be faults. Most of them are not what caused the breakup. You tend to make even the smallest of issues mountains out of mole hills. Don't do it. Let those self defeating thoughts go and believe you are still a worth while and complete. It is only a failure if you do not learn from it.

Now is the time to relish single life again. Now is the time to do those things you were wanting to do while in the relationship. Do what feels good to you. Date who you want, go where you want, eat what you want. Be who you want. Feel good about yourself, again. You are OK.

Now, when you have made peace with yourself, when a calmer head prevails you will be in a better position to work on saving a relationship, yours.

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