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Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Tweet it!

One of the most highly touted social networking sites on the internet now is Twitter. It is highly praised, simply because you can easily incorporate it in your daily business routine. If you've "tweeted" before, you probably know that it's a great tool for chatting among friends and fellow online business owners. For those who haven't, let's get started with Twitter.
First, you create a Twitter account this is free and would only take a few minutes to get going. Simply go to
www.twitter.com and sign up. When you set up your account, don't forget to fill in your URL and a little something about yourself or your business.

Next thing to do is to begin following other Twitter users. You can do this by just saving their pages to your web browser bookmark or, the simplest way, by clicking the "Follow" button under their name once you've found their page. Following someone simply means receiving Twitter updates.

Now, it's time for you to let others know that you have joined Twitter so that they can follow your updates too. You can search for people by name or username, import friend from other networks, posting on your blog something about Twitter or simply invite friends via e-mail. Scripts can also be added to your blog or website that will retrieve your recent "tweets" and post them for your visitors to see.

You have the ability to use your Twitter page and see what's happening with others. You can also download such application as Twhirl to have instant messaging style software on your computer to see all your posts and the posts of those you follow.

Now that you're all set up, simply login to your Twitter account open up your Twhirl software and start sending messages. Just as with any other social networking site, Twitter can easily eat up your time if not monitored carefully. So, it's a good reason to devote your time wisely preferably, for a start, 15 minutes each day. You can easily plan this with your daily morning habit of checking your email over a cup of coffee or just before retiring at night.

Anytime something interesting is happening in your business, just "tweet" so that your followers will know your updates. As with any marketing tool, don't just bombard Twitter with your links. Personalize it and establish your expertise in your corner. Be friendly and observant to others as well and surely you'll go a long way with Twitter.

Results of your twittering efforts are not seen at once but that's fine. What is important is to begin to get your name recognized and be a regular contributor. The more posts and the more you incorporate the service into your daily business routine, the more recognized you'll become. Surely, people do want to know the latest with you and your business and in time, you will be linked over and over again by other users.

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