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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nancy Pelosi is under PETA's protection because she's been downgraded to be IN-HUMAN

How do you spell evil? Simple..Nancy Pelosi and Wow, this is truly stunning. Nancy Pelosi sold just 2,737 copies of her terrible, terrible book. This is one of the worst sales showings, ever, by a terrible person who has written an equally terrible book. I believe Crazy Saddam Hussein sold more copies of those crazy romance novels he used to write about harem girls and their kings. Nancy Pelosi is, thus, a worse writer than Saddam Hussein, and possibly not far behind as a living breathing person in comparison to the former dictator. In terms of approval ratings, there is no question Sarah Palin's 75% approval ratings as the governor of Alaska outwieighs Nancy Pelosi's records as a human being. It's time for Sarah Palin to go hunting in capitol hills and shoot down a person that is not even worth mentioning. She is not even liked within her own Democratic party.

Perhaps Americans just don't like Nancy Pelosi, because she hasn't accomplished anything since she has been the speaker,and has proven herself to be nothing more than just a lof of hot air. Did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blow up the financial bailout bill by making a sadistic partisan speech on the House floor in the middle of the debate? There are enough people lining up in front of the microphones who are willing to say so. I am one of them!! What an evil thing to do to put politics in front of $1.2 Trillion lost of money that belongs to the people.

A short reading of the excerpts and a listen to the Youtube video would seem to suggest that Nancy Pelosi was not speaking in the spirit of bipartisanship.

"When was the last time someone asked you for $700 billion?" Pelosi asked, rolling every syllable of the phrase "$700 billion" as if it were candy. "It is a number that is staggering, but tells us only the costs of the Bush administration's failed economic policies - policies built on budgetary recklessness, on an anything-goes mentality, with no regulation, no supervision, and no discipline in the system." Calling Republicans "unpatriotic" the previous day likely didn't help either.

Those are hardly the words of a politician who was serious about passing an important and controversial bailout bill on a bipartisan vote. Those words must have been especially harsh to Republican ears coming from a fork tongue! Not only did the crisis have its origin in the Carter era Community Reinvestment Act as revised during the Clinton era, but Democrats resisted efforts to head off the crisis before it exploded. Democrats were saying four years ago that there was nothing wrong with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mack.

It is likely that the bailout bill will be salvaged somehow. Too many political reputations and perhaps the economic health of the nation are riding on it. But perhaps when the measure comes up for debate again, Speaker Nancy Pelosi could well be advised to do herself, her party, and the country a service by keeping her mouth shut.


Betty said...

I am sure her mask will be very popular come Halloween time. It will scare the living day light out of me.

PapaJim said...

There really is a simple explanation for all of this. Nancy Pelosi is, to put it kindly, not very bright. No, the elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor. It's like watching a non-swimmer flailing in the deep end of the pool.

Madmama said...

...to be two heartbeats away from the Presidency?

And they want to talk about Governor Palin inexperienced? Seriously! Incompetent doesn't even begin to describe Madame Speaker if she couldn't wait until the votes were counted before her screed.

Good on the Times of London to report the whole story. On the whole, it's a damned fine newspaper. I read the online version every day. I wish other American newspapers would follow suit. Maybe then they wouldn't be suffering the decline in readers and advertisers.

"Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain." Official Motto of the State of Iowa

Jess said...

This is proof of the arrogance of Her Speakerness.

She talks about biparitsanship when she needs Republicans to save her, but even knowing that, she simply couldn't refrain, even in one very important speech, from using the old standby failed Bush economic policies.

And then she expected Republicans to ignore everything she said, (you don't vote on the speech; you vote on the bill) and fall in line behind her anyway.

Arrogance, thy name is Pelosi.

LL said...

My guess is, she is going to look back on her 9% approval rating time as "the good ol' days" soon.

The reason it couldn't go any lower before is because that is about the percentage of people who live off the federal government (not counting those who work for the federal government) [i.e., scavengers and parasites vs those who give an honest days work in service]. It was in their self-interest to have Dumbocrats in power. Now even they are understanding that fiscal irresponsibility is going to hurt them big time.

“But maybe you obviously have a better memory about that."- Wolf Blitzer

K-Noon said...

Democrats BLAMING everyone.

This is a clear case of the Democrat Leaders Pelosi include that TRIED to get this done as quickly as possible so that OBAMA would get credit for the passage.

The were planning on creating a plush slush fund for ACORN and LaRusa AND were called it. ACORN has been a key player in getting KING OBAMA elected in Illinois, US Senate, and not for the presidency.

The fix on OBAMA'S election to the White House was done by the Democrats in POWER, the DNC and the Media.

We are still finding out about THE KING. A huge chunk of campaign is allegedly coming from small donations under a 200 done by credit cards. NO WAY OF TRACKING.. and lost in the shuffle... especially because OBAMA HAS YET to give TRANSPARENT information of his funding. It is also noted that there are a LOT of donations that can be traced to overseas locations. HE IS NOT REPORTING THIS AS WELL.

GollyJ said...

So much focus of this economic downturn is on the mortgages, but this economic downturn has been predicted for at least a year by wise people, most of whom I think had no idea that flimsy mortgage paper or whatever these supposed funny papers have been. Rather the recession or depression would caused by the rapid depletion of petroleum, the resultant escalating prices not just of fuel but of everything that fuel touchs. This is the major long-term problem that should be addressed, whether or not there is aid to the financial institutions.

G.Mueller said...

Nancy Pelosi demonstrates one more time how Democrats view their position as a LEADER -- "We (Democrats) will not support a bill without significant bi-partisan support. We are not taking ownership of this". Now that's the kind of leader we need in a crisis, one who hides with a pack and has no courage of their own convictions. Glad to see you showing your true stripes in fine fashion. Thanks for NOT representing us citizens.

John Buik said...

... to support her bailout bill and it would have passed. But considering that only a dozen votes needed to switch in order to provide a different outcome, and 95 Democrats in the House voted against it, critics are now wondering why couldn't House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., have assured a different outcome considering how important she said its passage was? Pelosi, whose insults directed at Republicans before the vote were a proximate cause of the legislation’s defeat, failed to exercise enough party discipline to get her people to pass a bill that she considered critical ...

Gonbo said...

Pelosi is an idiot and a brazen fool. The subprime loan mess has lefty democrat fingerprints all over it, starting with that bi-pedal swine Barney "Porky" Frank. Then in her pre-vote speech she makes it sound like the mess and bailout are all Bush's fault. She thinks we're all stupid.

San Francisco will just keep electing her. The only ways to get rid of her as speaker is to regain a republican majority, or catch her in scandal.

Ain't Bill Maher smart? My god but those libs are smart. I'll never be that smart. Keep it up, fool, you're "misunderestimating" Palin just like you did Bush.

Henry said...

As long as Nancy Pelosi is alive I wish I am dead. She must be stopped. Whether it's her 747 going down in flames or a sharp shooter. I pray to god she dies of old age ALONE. This is the worst congress this nation has ever had. Nancy Pelosi is the devil and let me be the first person to say, Nancy better not come to Portland. I will be there waiting with my lynchmen. Can anyone help? Does anyone know how to get to her? This country cannot survive with her leading the way. She makes me sick!

jon said...


The Minimalist said...

I have heard she has mob ties.

GreatDeal said...

Just ironic that when capital is drying up n.p. plays politics. Polosi says that this is bush’s problem and that the cogress has to respond. nancy repeated the number 700 billion dollars as a cost of the bush and repulicans failed policies.

Why do i say ironic? The cost of imported is 700 billion dollars a year.

I would suggest in stead of gripping about bush we STOP SPENDING 700 BILLION DOLARS TO BUY IMPORTED ENERGY a part of which goes to our enemies that use our money to kill us.

why is it that the money that most people realize is neccassary to stabilize our economy is more than we can afford and at the same time say that we as americans should not be using the same money in our own economy.

BB Blues said...

DNC = Do Nothing Congress

New Slogans for Nancy, Harry, Chris and Barney

- More Pork
- Less Ethics
- Its All Bush’s Fault
- Lies You Can Believe In
- Raise Taxes On the Rich
- More Handouts for the Poor in Exchange for Votes
- More Handouts for Minorities in Exchange for Votes
- More Handouts for Illegal Aliens in Exchange for Votes
- The Media is on Our Side

Democrats: We’ll bring this mother down yet!

Bpop said...

I think that neither of you has looked at the vote have you? There were 94 Democrats that voted no. The Democrats control the House and if Pelosi would have held her own side in line the bill would have passed. Do not blame the Republicans for standing on their principles when many of the Democrats voted no because they didn’t get the pork they wanted. That is one heck of a lot more ridiculous reason to kill the bill.

Pelosi screwed this up. Plain and simple.

Dr mom said...

Something still smells fishy about the circumstances surrounding the House vote ….

She knew it wouldn’t pass …. 90+ dems voted “nay” …. McCain went bipartisan and called in many more than the original 4 who supported the bill ….

I’m thinking that dems have set McCain up for their pre-announced “October Surprise” — in which Obama will now rush onto the scene and in a flurry of self-elevating verbosity — single-handedly and miraculously rally enough votes to save the federal government, Wall Street, main street America, the Global Economy and planet earth from collapse!!!!!


GQ said...

If McCain loses the election, we’ll be a permanent minority, with a filibuster proof donk Senate, resurgence of debilitating union costs imposed on industry, The Fairness Doctrine, national health care, a stripped down military, and the U.N. inserted into our daily lives. If the donks win this one, it’s all over.

Fear fear fear people. It's becoming a reality. Obama is 7 points ahead now. GO PALIN tonite!! Bring home a 10

Matt Thompson | Mattheosis.com said...

I quite agree. However, part of the mess that we are in, is that we have given, forgive me here, socialist power to our own government, in that it runs info commercials for us left and right. Do this or do that, and as a nation of people we do that. The power of the US corporation has kind of fallen out of the hands of the stockholders and has been given to the board, who will do everything it can to survive as the board.

Daniel Pyle said...

Some people claim that there's a woman to blame....but I know it's my own damn fault...
Emotional voting hurts America...use your melon.

Wayne said...

We need to bring back hangings and start with the politicians....Bush, then her.

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