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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Key is a small, pocket sized device that receives signals from the twenty-four Department of Defense GPS satellites orbiting the earth. The internal computer accurately determines the GPS location of the device within 2.5 meters and records this data every second. The Data Can be downloaded and view in Google Earth simply by plugging the Tracking Key into the USB port of a computer.

Among some of the advantages of this tracking key are:

- Google Earth Compatibility
- Ease of use
- small and easily concealable
- accuracy of tracking key
- the strength of the magnet(could be placed under the car and it is water resistant)

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GPS Tracking system by LandAirSea Systems, Inc. is a leader at the forefront of GPS tracking technologies since 1994. LandAirSea Systems, Inc. is now the home of the world most powerfully engineered GPS tracking equipment. All GPS tracking systems by LandAirSea have gone through extensive engineering and testing, both in the lab and in the field. The GPS tracking capabilities of LandAirSea systems are equipped to determine the location of the GPS tracking device within 2.5 meters. This GPS tracking system is currently used daily by thousands of civilians as well as by government and law enforcement agencies. LandAirSea Systems, Inc is the premier provider of GPS tracking systems in the surveillance technology industry.

In parent/teen relationships, trust is always a factor. Some might argue that installing a GPS tracking device in their child’s vehicle undermines trust and threatens privacy. The majority of parents, however, found that installing this device with their teen’s knowledge has actually helped to instill more trust and bolster independence. And teenagers on an average found that they were rewarded with fewer restrictions and “nagging” questions about where they were going and when they would return.

Teen tracking systems offer a convenient, affordable way for parents to enjoy some peace of mind and for teens to exercise responsibility while they’re behind the wheel. And possibly add another 70 years to their lives.