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Friday, September 5, 2008

Marketing Company

Marketing Company is a great tool for anyone who wants to get a boost in selling their service or product. It features branding guru in helping you get your branding right. It is very interactive as you can click on their many services including a self-evaluation survey for your product or service. It offers a service called Brandstamp, which is kind of like a BBB "Better Business Bureau" stamp except that Brandstamp is ensuring "that your brand identity is in perfect alignment with your brand image in the target markets you serve. It’s the ultimate approval for any brand to obtain." The branding guru has given examples of brands they love and brands they hate. I was surprised to see Southwest airline on their "bad" list. In fact, many of the very profitable businesses including Walmart are on their "bad" list. You can see it for yourself why they are "bad" Marketing Company If you are not looking for professional advice on branding, you may still find this website worth a visit, especially if you are interested in anything related to media. In other words, check it out! Marketing Company