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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Katy Perry - Anything for a buck

The talk of the current pop music industry is Katy Perry, a girl who grew up listening to Christian music and even produced a Christian album earlier in her career. Her latest hit "I kissed a Girl" is currently the number one hit song on the prestigious pop music Billboard top 100. She is often being compared to Pink or Alanis Morissette. Both were controversial breakthrough talents in this younger and younger female music world. It took her song 9 weeks to shoot to the top.

This is an alarming trend as the song itself promotes unhealthy relationship between same sex genders especially for easily impressionable young females. Imagine this song becoming the talk of school playgrounds, neighborhood backyards or even at dinner tables. Little girls experimenting among themselves to see whether if the song is true or not. What would you say as a parent if your daughter brings up the content of this song? Is it ok to kiss another girl? Is it normal? Is it natural? Or your daughter telling you... Mom I want to kiss Jennifer or Ann and why not because it should feel good right!!! ??

Furthermore this hit single is basically about a girl at a party who got a little drunk and kissed a girl, and she liked it. We could take two approaches to this song. We could merely point out that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong and getting drunk is wrong, quote some Bible passages, and pack the song away into a convenient little "not Christian" box. Alternatively, we could take some time and look at this song a little more deeply and find what truth is resonating enough with people to make this song a blockbuster.

Upon examining this trend further, it is disturbing to think further. Our kids are growing up in the most content rich media age of all time and they have enough to be confused about already. As if adding oil to the fire, this song could lead to another disturbing trend rising to eclipse any hope to regain our parental stature. The next question is obviously about truth itself and exactly what is it or even who or what determines something is truth or not. What can we tell our kids? What really stands the test of time? What does not change?

This up and coming artist Katy Perry or formerly in her Christian days as Katy Hudson needs to be on your monitor. My son is only a month away from being 5 years old and soon, he will be in school. Once in school, his friends or classmates will be talking about the most popular trends or listening to the most popular musics. He would want to play the most fun computer games or have the latest electronic gadgets. They would be begging for Ipods, MP3 players, cool gadget cell-phones, latest in gadgetry, Wii's, computer games and etc. Song and game downloads are so prevalent and affordable nowadays, who is going to help patrol or parent them especially in an environment where both parents have to work or in single parent households?

Some parents are still blinded, some parents are ignorant because they themselves don't know what is right or wrong, Some parents simply don't care and some are busy acquiring the worldly things in order to pass it down their worldly children. I don't have a secular answer to any of these trends.

Do you?....


Mariana said...

It is sickening to know that this world is coming to this. Degrading one self for a buck.

Shy Helen said...

I heard the song the other day on the radio and it does have a good beat to it although the lyrics are shallow and aim purely to get attention. I guess that's why she switch sides.

Moonbeam said...

My goodness.... I wouldn't know what to say to my daughter...really. :(

I just hope she could make a wise decision of her own and thankful that she does have us to come to for any issues. She is 25 and does have her minds made up already.

Lakelandmom said...

Thanks for making me aware, so I can monitor what my 12 year olds are listening to. I have strict guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable. Now I'll be prepared when I bring up the subject to them. Thanks for sharing.

Paula said...

Just like the title says...anybody would do anything just for another buck. I blame Howard Stern, Madonna and others..who had perfected this trend by promoting shocking talks or lifestyles...

Maria said...

I agree that this is an alarming trend and it never fails to amaze me how much kids are influences by music lyrics and videos.

Lisa Guntar said...

What's next??? Katy???
You kiss a dog and you like it!!??

This song is already making it's rounds around our neighborhood. There are so much trash now in this world.

Nicole said...

I did kiss a girl once and I have to say it was one of the most unforgetable moments. I was 16 years old and she was 17. Not sure how it happen but somehow it did. I have never kiss her again since.

I can't say I like it but it was a memory I cannot forget.

Lenny said...

Nothing wrong with making an extra buck in my opinion. I call it great marketing and sales mind because they obviously know what sells. If you don't like it, you can choose not to listen or buy the product. This is the freedom given to all of us.

Bubbles said...

It is terrible to know such immoral song are getting popular. I have 2 teenage kids and so far they have not shown any interest in such songs. As parents we have to keep reminding our children what is morally right and wrong. We have to trust our kids and have good communication with them so that we are able to spot their mistakes and help them go back to the right path.

Jessica P said...

I was a lesbian for most of my life. I have kiss many girls before and it was sensual or exciting each time. Girls does know what each other want. My last lesbian relationship ended in a lot of pain. I was emotionally torture and physically cheated. Now I have met a man that has change all that. He treats me with tenderness and redefines what a relationship is like. I am not ashame of my past at all and I have a bright future to look forward with my new man.

Regina said...

The world is literally going to hell in a handbasket! Our society is slowly killing our children, and we as parents HAVE to step up and actually be parents!
I jut wrote a post on girls bathing suits, check it out if you get a chance!

Backyard Bob said...

We use to get lyrics like it's a wonderful world...and now..we get I kissed a girl and I like it.

We have regress backwards...and pretty soon we will be seeing Monkeys singing.O wait..we already had "The MONKEYS"

Dr Mom said...

I will personally step on this album multiple times in front of our daughters if she dares to buy one. Her Ipods will be taken away. It is harder to raise a daughter and it is heart breaking to find reports of young girls losing virginity before they hit highschool and VD is such a common problem. I wish I can stay home but having the possibility of perhaps losing my home and $4/gallon gas..what choice do we have?? I have 5 girls and I go to bed each night in fear that something bad will happen to them. Did I do something wrong? It's not the American Dream. It's the American Nightmare. I just fear what's next...OBAMA

Zee Harrison said...

I read your post and was holding my breath as I opened the comments box. I was interested to see what people had to say on this subject.

I have to throw my opinion into the ring here and state that what saddens me most of all is the level of homophobia within societies around the world.
Unfortunately people believe words written and doctored over the last couple of thousands of years. Words that have been written to exert social and political control over the masses - the Bible - and people believe it!
Heterosexual love and same sex love is normal and natural.
We have more scientific information aavailable to us than before and so have less of an excuse about how we treat and react to people who we have been told repeatedly are 'immoral'.
Try reading alternatives to the bible, the koran, etc. and maybe this world might just be more open to lives which we have made 'alternative'.
If it takes a young woman who was a christian to now highlight something which is natural, and yes that word, 'normal' then good for her!
Please people, let us not create and maintain hatred for things and lifestyles which we may not understand. If you want your children to grow up in an healthy environment then allow and enable them to make choices which are right for them. Not one based on a book which, sorry to say, just isn't based on truth.

Anonymous said...

I love Katy Perry. I think she is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter. KP has many other songs besides "I Kissed a Girl". I urge you to check them out instead of giving your opinion about an artist based on one song. Here are some links to get to know the real Katy Perry...

and my favorite is her blog. This lets you really get to know her.


And now I'm sharing my opinion. As far as the "kp shouldn't sing about kissing girls because she's teaching my children bad things", I don't even know where to begin. Katy Perry is not trying to be a role model for young children, she is just living her life and writing songs that she wants to write. She's not on Disney. If you don't want your kid hearing it then okay, that's fine, don't act like it's KP's problem it's yours. Please throw out your TV's, radio's and anything else that connects you to the outside world, so your kids won't have to listen to "I Kissed a Girl". You can't protect your kid forever... you know. I think parents should actually talk to their kids about things like this, to expose them to the world, and ultimately have a better, closer relationship with them. If you're open with your child they are going to be open with you. Don't be scared. People it's 2008! Katy Perry isn't a lesbian she is simply talking about a kiss that she had one night. (Which I really think never really happened). There are so many worse songs out here, the thing is you guys probably don't understand them with all the slang in the songs. This song is loud and clear. And that is what bothers people. Think about it the song could be much worse. I think we need to stop dissecting songs and just enjoy music. And there is my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Katy is singing about experiences she had and is promoting honesty. That's fine with me!

Barbara said...

You made some very good points in your post. I don't think I have heard this song. It's my grandkids I'm concerned about. The oldest is seven. But let's face it what kids are plugged into nowadays is pretty mindboggeling!

Lance Goodthrust said...

I'm not a parent so, I don't see things from many of your perspectives.

I've heard this song and personally, I don't see anything wrong with it.

Instead of trying to shelter your kids from a relatively harmless song how about teaching them to accept other instead of preaching intolerance.

Joanne Cucinello said...

I appreciate your concerns, Enn, especially for younger children and teens who might naturally not be inclined to experiment with same sex relationships and then just go along with peer pressure to give it a fling.
I think the danger is if they are NOT inherently gay and force themselves into it just to "be cool and hip". A lot of emotional damage and guilt can linger on for years.
However, if a child IS gay, he/she would probably feel good to hear a song that they can identify with.
Hiding the truth about one's sexuality can grow more and more painful and stressful the older one gets. I didn't hear this song or artist, but from what you and others have said, it's just touching on the subject, not an in depth expression of one's sexuality. It's probably the title that's out there attracting attention.
Although it may seem cool and hip to some because of the pop-star media exploits, living a gay life is not so glamorous and still not accepted in many cultures and religions. It can be very difficult at times and many gays suffer persecution and harm.
The truth is parents do need to communicate with their children and be open to their searching questions. Most parents of gay children ( of which I am one)may have pushed aside their deeper feelings that their child was different from early on. And even though it's a jolt when they do "come out", to see the relief on their faces and to know they are still loved no matter what their sexuality . . . is worth a million. Two of my five adult children are gay and they are truly precious, talented, honorable and full of love. Yes, it would have been an easier road for them perhaps if they were straight, but if that were a lie they kept living because they were afraid to disappoint us . . . I couldn't bear it. We each have one life to live. Let it be in freedom and truth.

Faye said...

In all honesty, I'm a teenager and I enjoy the song. I was looking for more stuff on Katy Perry when I stumbled on ... this. Music is music. This is one of the less offensive songs on the market these days. Flip on your local radio station geared towards kids, listen to a song for a moment, then look up the lyrics. Chances are it's Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad (frivolous sex) or Goldfrapp's Ride a White Horse (more sex).

Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl" is not about being actually gay, but something a lot of young people get involved in: experimentation.

If your kids listen to this song, chances are if you stomp on the CD, or the radio, and freak out you're going to do a thousand times more damage than a single song. I listen to this and whatever else is on the radio... And I don't run out to have sex with anyone, do drugs, or hurt anyone. It's just music. What's important is letting your child know that a healthy relationship is good. More likely they'll listen to you, and the music still, but actually take you seriously instead of being scared of sharing their music with you.

Anonymous said...

Gosh. If you want to censor your kids life experience there are a heck of a lot worse things out there that they could be listening to. It's really pretty harmless. Tolerance isn't a bad thing, you know. Lawrence King and Matthew Shepard would still be alive if their murderers had been taught tolerance.

Gadget Girl said...

I guess most of our readers here are not clear where the line should be drawn. Most don't know what the standard should be and in this constantly evolving mentality, we are falling in to quick sand but thinking that we are still sun bathing on a beach. For those who are asking others to be tolerant are not tolerant themselves and it shows in the words written on this page. Why experiment if we already knew the right or natural way of doing things??? Do we have too much time? or simply we are too spoil by our surroundings? You don't hear the starving kids in Africa talking about kissing one another for the sake of experimentation..do you??

Kumba said...

Katy is trying to make an extra buck by taking advantage of a popular trend. That's the most alarming part. It's not the song itself but rather the discovery of such a trend. If she is singing about kissing a dog and like it, it may be popular in a few years when that trend becomes real. Heck..i am sure the animal lovers will get behind her on it

Matt said...

I am surprise by the talk of intollerance on this page when the ones that speaks about intollerance are intollerant themselves.

Dr. Blogstein said...

Say what you want about Katy Perry, but it seems girl on girl kissing makes a blog pretty popular too.

Anonymous said...

moral issues aside, that song is total crap, and an insult to anyone with an appreciation for music.i would have problems with my kids listening to such garbage because it is painful to listen to, not because of the moral implications. tell that katy idiot to come back to us with controversial lyrics when her voice, production, and backing music doesn't suck so much. then we'll talk.

Black M said...

I agree...the song itself is pure crap. Katy Perry is also a crappy singer. The song hit number #1 simply because of the content appeal to a public looking for something fresh.

BillyWarhol said...


cuz da Bible tells me so!!

now there's a Good Joke*

;)) Peace*

Cat said...

Kissing girls is lots of fun. I suggest we all give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with both sides of the comments. I think there is too much information out there for our children that it desensitizes them to the messages, but I don't believe censorship is the answer nor is intolerance. Social responsibility is something we can all be more aware of. And let's raise our children the way we feel fits our morals and values...show them there's more out there in the world than Katy Perry like: http://zoomuganda.org or the science channel.

Pam said...

I love how reactionary people can be over a fairly banal, gimmicky song. I sincerely doubt Katy Perry is contributing to the moral decline of America... Also, to the people that say homosexuality is unnatural, I'm sorry but there are numerous documented instances of it occuring in other species - gay swans, lesbian seagulls, monkeys. Seriously, Google it and get off your moral high-horse. What people do behind closed doors has no impact on the real issues that affect society - crime, the economy, the environment, health care, etc, etc. Those are the things you should be directing your outrage at.

cc said...

I have two girls, ages 5 1/2 and 10, they listen to what I listen to. If I don't want them to hear something, I don't buy it.

My kids follow the ground rules pretty well. No unsupervised internet, ever. Do not watch movies that are not in the designated spot, I have all movies that they can watch separate from ones they can't.

Now, some may say that that won't work. They're wrong because I trust my kids, and I'm honest with them, so they're honest with me.

So, basically, if you don't want your kids exposed to it, make sure others know it. And, if they are accidentally exposed to it, and have questions, answer them honestly.

Scott said...

You say it promotes "unhealthy relationship between same sex genders" WTF? The 1950s called. They want their blog back.

You honestly can't discuss these issues with your kids? How about teaching them tolerance and the fact that it IS ok to kiss someone of the same sex? Maybe they won't be surprised when they see it in real life.

Anonymous said...

Katy Perry is indeed a charlatan who is using lewd and perverse lyrical content to promote an otherwise unimpressive career as a Christian singer in which she did not gain the fame and fortune she apparently desired. In a recent MTV program, she peformed her hit "I kissed a girl" for an audience of whooping young ladies, some of whom Katy posed with provocatively (including simulated groping) as she performed the music in front of an audience of teens. This girl claims that Christ has meaning for her yet she is achieving fame promulgating hedonism and nihilsm that is in direct contradiction to the teachings and values espoused by Christ. This abomination of a cheesy unimaginative musical composition and it's accompanying lustfull lyrics that have more in common with the values of Sodom and Gomorrah then with the nation we once knew have been number one on the billboard music charts for five week straights. Children around the world are being influenced by this outright embrace of female homosexual behavior and the content of the song does not even attempt to portray a lesbian adult relationship, but instead, celebrates the concept of casual meaningless homosexual lust for the mere sake of lust itself. The song is leaving an indelible impression on the minds of the young people listening to it. And this...is the predicament of contemporary America and the western world. Question is, how did it come to this?
One stupid blogger on this page argued that Katy Perry is more than just this song and that she is not trying to be a role model but merely expressing her unique opinion and lifestyle. Under the same logic, this moron would likely believe that the whole of the German people would have decided to up and fry 6 million Jews of their own accord. Without the wretched behavior of that animal, Adolf Hitler, the Germans would not have performed the Holocaust. The Germans were busy going about their lives and suffering somewhat under the accords of the Treaty of Versailles. They lived as they always had for generations and accepted the Jewish minority as equals and fellow Germans, but collectively, they were longing for a change to their predicament. Enter Adolf Hitler. This man with an incredible talent for media manipulation and an ability to embrazen and galvanize his nation effectively changed the mentality of the German people of the time. What was once foreign was now desired, and as a result, Germany unleashed a hell upon Europe and the world the likes of which had never been seen before. A German people embraced foreign and unnatural concepts (Jew-hatred and wanton slaughter and invasion of their neighbors without hesitation).
Now where am I going with this? The world is the same today as it was then as are it's people and more so due to the rise and even greater influence of the media today. The rise of technology and specifically the VCR and the internet are quintesional features in the phenomenon of lesbian chic that has been gripping the western world for the last 15 or so years, which each successive year becoming more brazen and pornographic until finally we are arriving at the apex of lesbian chic.
The very concept of heterosexual relations being the precedent of natural human sexual behavior is under fire from those who wish to champion the cause of the "bisexual female". The proponents of this behavior will insist upon one or two things, that 1) all human beings are bisexual or 2) and much more importantly to both males and females, that all women are bisexual but not necessarily men. This concept is re-enforced by many sociology professors and others in the world of higher learning who wish to redesign the age-old concepts of what human beings are. This belief is usually taught in conjunction with an outright denial of God and creationism in favor of a purely scientific and athiest approach to thought making it easy to dismiss the belief that homosexuality is in an of itself indeed sinful. Religion in America and the western world at large has been under fire and all but eliminated from the public spectrum due to attacks by the media and the ACLU, as well as private citizens filing complaints and charges against the traditional sources of order and decency ever since the flower power generation of the 60s.
The children and young adults who are transforming the precedent sexual orientation of the western woman are in fact the children of this generation that gave us Woodstock. This generation not only disregarded social norms and customs but outright challenged them at their very core. For some part, they were appropriate such as challenging governmental racial bias, sexism, and the gross empowerment of the military industrial complex, but they also challenged the soul of our nation...our religions and the moral conduct associated with them. The Supreme Court made a decision to allow all forms of pornography available to any adult consumer. In this decision, made decades ago, lay the begginings of Katy Perry and her recent apparent phenomenon hit.
The fans of this music, most of whom are susceptible or already involved in female homosexual behavior which originally felt unnatural to them, are undoubtably being influenced by the culture of lesbian naturalization that is taking place and has been for some time. In the 80s, America's sweethearts were Tiffiny and Debbie Gibson, two girls who represented bubble-gum pop and the apparent values of the middle-class American. Their songs were about having innocent fun, talking about the guys they were attracted to, and falling in or out of love with one of them. Compare todays female teen-icons, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Christina Aquilera, Nelly Furtado, Lindsay Lohan, etc. etc. Even the few remaining girls in the limelight who represent family values such as Miley Cyrus are under the fire of the current generation of hedonist bisexuals. Katy Perry was recently quoted describing a desire to engage in sexual activity with Miley Cyrus in front of an audience in an effort to recreate the infamous Madonna-Britney french kiss in front of millions of children a few years ago. The result of this ubiquitous presence of lesbian promotion has influenced the sexuality of the western woman.
If you don't believe me, look around for the omnipresent promotion of lesbianism in our culture, from Ellen, to David Letterman's constant endorsement of the behavior on his late night show, Jimmy Kimmel, and Howard Stern the same. Look to the plot lines of dramas made for both adults and teens that consistantly feel the need to inject lesbian themes and plot-lines into their programming. Even consider the full-fledged lesbian affair of the character Samantha on the hit show and film "Sex and The City" and the subsequent awakening of actres Cynthia Nixon as she realized her "bisexual" desires not long ago. The Cinemax soft-porn that sometimes exclusively makes lesbian films. Think of the effect and influence of mega-star Angelina Jolie and her praise of lesbian behavior, and of course, let's not leave out Madonna as she was one of the pioneers tha brought homosexuality into the mainstream and into the minds of impressionable youth starting with tradional angst-ridden pop that eventually turned into blasphemous images and depictions of Christ.
Couple the overwhelming presence of media, especially yea old internet, and the maintenance of the anti-traditional and anti-religious institutions on the nations young people, and you have the recipe for confused uneducated minds hungry to fill the void with something immediate and palpable on a physical sense. But how do you add fuel to a raging bonfire? From it's roots. And the roots in this instance are the men of our part of the world. The men who promote girl-on-girl sex for their own lust and avarice. The women of the western world would not be usurping such unnatural lifestyles without the support of the men in their lives, and we are equally to blame for the calamity that turns our mothers, daughters, grand-daughters, sisters and friends into perverse little Jezebels that long more for a handmaiden to masturbate with rather than a frog to kiss and turn into a prince. It is becasue of men viewing pornography at home and now with the comfort of the internet that we encourage our wives and girlfriends into homosexual behavior to please our own lusts.
Children at shockingly alarming young ages are promoting and participating in sexual behavior found on porno sites and other means of pornographic entertainment which are found throughout the media. To argue with these people is to argue with a wall. They will even insist that the bizarre phenomenon of female bisexuality that is gripping the nation is a completely natural occurance that was in no way influenced by the media. I mean, to do this is a rebuttal of the study of peoples throughout history. You can't argue morality with people who don't value it. There is no response from them. The world that the young people are growing up with is so awash in mixed images and a lack of traditional values, and the images of traditional values and the people that represent them are often mocked and ridiculed by the mainstream media. Hence Katy's desire to pervert Miley Cyrus.
I think the last battleground for the soul of America lies within the country community. I've never been a fan of country music but I'm becoming one, not just because of the music, but because of the values and lifestyles of the people involved. Thankfully, the mainstream perversion of women has not yet occured in the country world, and God willing, it will be pushed out if it makes an attempt.
Lastly, for those believers out there, the most atrocious aspect of the Katy Perry disaster is the fact that she comes from a tradional Christian backround, and disgustingly, part of her fan base are in fact fans of her Christian music who will be influenced by the behavior she promotes. What are Christians to do during this crisis time? We are taught it is wrong to judge people, as the eroding Christian people who have chosen to remain fans of Katy will tell you, but although we do not hate the sinner, we do hate the sin. To endorse this behavior is an affront to Christian, Jewish and Islamic values and we as believers must not endorse it. I believe the best way to challenge the invasion of female perversion upon us is not to attack the promoters of it, but to demonstrate the reality that our way and the sacred love between a man and a woman is the natural and God-given course for us all.

Graziella said...

I think this is a prime example of how parents need to take responsibility for their children and what they want them being exposed to. I grew up in a very conservative environment, where my parents managed me and my sisters as we grew up. The radio was limited and television was only on for educational public broadcasting programs. They knew all my friends parents, who happened to share similar values, so they knew at sleep-overs and visits, there wouldn't be any inappropriate material available to us. My parents made the choice to send my sisters and me to a conservative Christian school that promoted their values. This choice resulted in having less money at times, but they took responsibility for their children and how and what they wanted us exposed to, and how they wanted us educated.

We live in a country where the freedom of speech is a founding principle and what others do with that freedom is their choice. It is a parents choice on how they want to raise their family.

Parents need to stop blaming society and take responsibility for their parental choices and possibly shortcomings (if they are letting their kids listen to inappropriate music and then complaining about it).

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mariana, she probably degraded herself for a few million bucks.

Carmi said...

Is this really any different than Elvis gyrating his hips or the Rolling Stones singing about taboo sexual activities? The music industry - namely the rock and so-called "pop" genres - has been pushing the bounds for a couple of generations now, so how is it any different with this specific talentless, overproduced pop tart whose voice wouldn't carry beyond the shower were it not for massive amounts of sound processing?

For better or for worse, the arts are designed to push society's buttons, to make us think, to alter our perceptions. Not that I would ever put Ms. Perry's "work" in the same vein as a Rembrandt, but the mere fact that this issue is being debated is a good thing.

And if you're a parent, then parent your kids. The world's a scary place with or without this tune. Good parenting can counterbalance whatever influences are out there.

Anonymous said...

If a _song_ can undo all of the values that you have instilled in you children, then your kids aren't holding on to those values very tightly.

Bacchant is... said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Manny said...

I applaud the courageous words of this blogger. He's got guts. He is informing instead of spreading hate. Courage does have a cost. Keep on strong

Steve Benzen said...

You are a visionary with your words. Great post and frankly we can use more writing and thoughts like this. I am a parent of 5 kids ranging from 2 to 14. I know the struggles. Most negative words on these comments field may not understand or even see the whole picture. What a pity and what a wasted generation it will be.

Miss Lix said...

Why is everyone getting their panties in a twist about Katy Perry? Have you heard some of the RAP songs on the radio for the past 10 years? I'd think referring to women as "bitches" and "hos" hits harder than anything. You conservatives just jump on Perry because she's talking about experimentation with a female... but you tell me, what's worse? Experimentation with a female or degrading the entire female population? Geez.

Bill said...

Kate Perry can kiss as many girls as she likes, as far as I'm concerned. I don't think there's a think wrong with it.

Her only crime is writing a terrible, terrible song.

big John said...

amazing post...just started following you on twitter...and stumbled on this. i find it very interesting how several of these comments are trying to tell you how to raise your kid. it's your right as a parent to choose the environment you raise your kid in. best of luck as he goes to school next week!

Renee Shupe said...

It's simply a song that expresses someone's exploritory period in their life, I'm sure those who are screaming the most about the nature of the song are the ones who have also had an exploritory period in their life, but for whatever reason feel embarassed and don't want to talk about it. I've never kissed a girl, so I can't say what it's like. I've always been comforatable with who I am. As parents, role models etc we should be supportive of what is concerning our children today. Sheltering them from what is currently out there will only make a situation worse. I know from example, having gone to a Catholic High School where "sex" wasn't talked about before marriage caused a 20% pregancy rate in my high school class. I was one of the ones who chose to get informed and knew the risks and dangers and did what I needed to do to protect myself. It didn't stop me, but at least I went into the situation informed.

Be open, supportive and honest with your child if they ask the question, letting them make thier own informed decisions will allow them to grow up to be accepting adults who make the right decisions. Yes, this includes the the youngest ones, if they have the question then answer in a simple honest way, it's usually enough to satisfy their curiousity and leave it at that. Shelter them and the consquences could be a lot worse.

ms. v said...

wow... so many homophobes!
for all of you religious people that are using the bible as a crutch to enforce your homophobia, i just want to ask this... isn't your god "all loving"?
it's sad that society has come to this... and I don't mean a stupid little song about lesbian experimentation... I mean that people are so very afraid of the unknown and will pass this on to their children. YOU all are why society sucks. if we didn't teach hate or have fear, society would be SO MUCH BETTER OFF! wake up people, get over it! love is love!

Anonymous said...

Having read the original posting and all of the comments on this subject, what I find most interesting, (and disturbing), about all of it, is that everyone that has written a negative response seems to write at about a fourth grade level. I am not surprised that people who function at this level are afraid of anything "different" then they are. In fact, I would bet that most of their fear comes out of not being able to completely process their own emotional states, suppressed homosexual tendencies and/or inability to understand life as an adult. It's 2008 people, wake up! Humanity has evolved, (and yes, we did evolve), well beyond the point where we should still be referring to the Bible, (or any other ancient religious text), as a work of fact. These are all great books full of wonderful stories that can certainly help make a point about something. But then, so can Aesop’s Fables. Come to think of it, given the level of these people's writing abilities, why would any intelligent adult expect that these people could actually read any of these texts or get anything useful from it? God help the children!

RobertMarkBram said...

I enjoyed the song. It had an energy about it that made me feel good, and just that little bit daring because the narrator tries something outside of her comfort zone and got something good out of it.

The song certainly does not alarm me.

If a daughter of mine asked whether it would be ok to kiss a girl, my answer would be "yes, it is fine, it is natural and you have no reason to feel guilty or bad about it". I do not see same-sex relationships as being unhealthy. It is important that that people find someone they respect, care for and love, whatever gender. It is important that people can be good to each other and not hurt each other.

Will this song affect how good a parent I am? I say no. What matters is how I react to questions my child may have about the song. What matters is what I will teach my child in response to this song - about how people should act towards each other.

I think it is wrong to assume that a combination other than a man and woman is bad, unhealthy, illegitimate. It might go against what our parents or faith taught us. It might leave us feeling uncomfortable or threatened or squeamish, and it is natural to be confused about something that is simply different to our experience. But that isn't enough to judge something different as being wrong.

For me, this was tested when my closest friend came out to me. I was so nervous when he said it. I was shaking and sweating, and I knew it was ten-fold more difficult for him to say it. We both felt uncomfortable. After the initial shock, I felt honoured that my friend trusted me enough to open up to me. I understood that he was revealing something of his soul to me, showing me how he had found happiness. Knowing this, it feel good for me too.

I believe everyone has a right to find happiness in this world: to find someone to love, respect and find pleasure with, irrespective of gender. This is what I would pass on to my children.

The moral panic that many people feel towards homosexuality is understandable, but it is just another of our many, many prejudices that we should be able to see through and overcome. The world won't fall apart if we accept this; the human race isn't going to die out underneath a tide of homosexuality that turns us all childless. And I personally don't believe anyone is going to hell for tasting the forbidden fruit, then starting up an orchard and selling baskets of the stuff at the market.

Again, what matters is that we find happiness. There are too many other things in life to worry about.

Anonymous said...


relax, champ.

Annette said...

Katy Perry = Hitler? That's a stretch. Someone isn't functioning with a full box of crayons with which to draw cogent analogies...

Daddy, your boy will be fine. Keep the communication open and prepare him for life.

I had "the talk" about sexual activity with my son when he was 13 and I gave him his first box of condoms at the age of 14. I told him that it was not an encouragement to have sex. That he should think of it like an umbrella--it's a good thing to have around in case it starts raining.

At 15, I recommended that he perhaps "practice" getting one on so when the actual time came, he would be sure to be safe.

It's certainly more realistic and responsible to be prepared--make sure the teen is prepared--than it is to "hope and pray" a teen walks away from the situation when the hormones begin raging. I'm not naive enough to think that will happen.

My concern, as a mother, was/is for my son's health and for his future (not becoming a father too soon). I made sure condoms were always available. So, obviously, having them around didn't "cause" him to run out and have sex because his first activity wasn't until 4 years later when he was 17--with a girl he'd been dating for more than a year. I know this because he told me everything--and still does (just not the intimate details). And he's 19 now.

The key is and has always been communication. That's the only way to stay connected to a teen. Start the dialogue early. Talk about everything. In the beginning-- about feelings and friendships and whatever fits their level of development. Then things like sex, drugs, alcohol, education, dreams, love, relationships, etc.

And the most important part: listen. Also, share your feelings and experiences about what it was like for you when you were his age. And don't be a hypocrite. But do encourage him to learn vicariously through your mistakes.

When it comes down to it, sexual desire and attraction is normal and natural (calling it "lust" is an archaic and pejorative religious judgment) and unless you lock your kid in a closet, he will eventually be in a situation where he desires to experiment and will have to make his own choices.

If you've done your job right, he'll come back to you and discuss his choices, reasons, and feelings about whatever it is he does, whether sexually related or otherwise. And that will mean you've raised a responsible and capable human being who is aware and accountable for his actions.

Life shouldn't be about fear, prejudice, and repression. It should be lived joyfully with your eyes wide open.

Jim said...

I kissed a girl once.

Went back to boys.

Anonymous said...

Your antiquated view of morality is not only annoying, it's hateful.

Sex sex relationships are not immoral, nor are they anything you need to guard your son against. If he's gay, then he is already gay at age 5, and there's not a darn thing you can do about it.

If he's straight, then nothing he hears or sees will change that either.

Listening to Katy Perry is not going to change his sexuality. If you are worried about his ability to navigate through American culture (advertising being the most dangerous thing he faces on a daily basis), then give him a good self esteem. Don't worry about pop culture - any kid with good logic skills and discernment will be able to tell what is trash from fact.

But the fact is, your misplaced "morality" is actually damaging to other people and their freedom to love who they wish.

Being gay is similar to being left handed. You can try to use your right hand, but your left hand is what is natural for you. Look at Ted Haggart.

"Christians" used to think that being left handed was a sign of the devil. People were tortured, and murdered for it.

Being gay is no different. 10% of the population is gay (or trans gendered) and if we continue to brand what is natural to them as "immoral", then we as a "moral" society have failed.

I know LOTS of gay parents, and kids of gay parents. They are much more moral than the people like you that brand them as "immoral".

Katy Perry can kiss a girl, I have no problem letting my nearly 5 year old son watch it. He has many friends that come from 2 mom families, and they are happy, healthy and very moral.

It's you sir, that are immoral for spreading hatred and judgment of other people.

Anonymous said...

The music business is a business and this argument has been made for decades. The infamous sell out. WHO. CARES.

If Katie Perry wants to kiss a girl why shouldn't she? If she wants to sing about it, then let her! News flash: this song is somewhat of a joke...

Sure, it's okay to listen to songs about heterosexual love, but as soon as someone pops up and says "one time i kissed a gril - and it wasn't half bad!" all the Christians have a hernia.

If you don't want your kid to listen to it, don't buy him the record.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's better to just hide homosexuality, best not mention it at all. It's a 'sin' and even speaking about real emotions concerning sexuality is bound to be the work of the devil. No, we must remain silent, ignore it, while still telling ourselves homosexuality is indeed a sin.

This kind of blind belief in 'scripture' makes me glad Christianity is losing ground up to the point of its destruction, hopefully within the next 50 years. More and more people wake up to reality, and not try to enforce their irrational believes on others. Your typical judgmental views on modern society will make the world only a harder place to live in for you and yours, and you owe it all to your precious 'book'. A book about a god who strips you of the belief in the power and goodness of humanity (that's all 'His' work right, we couldn't possibly be good on our own?'), and replaces it with this kind of helplessness, where all you see are your own narrow minded rules written down by even more narrow minded people well over 2000 years ago.

I pity you and yours, but a i do take a little pleasure in seeing you struggle with reality. Its a battle you are going to lose unless you open up to the fact the world has changed the past 2000+ years, and it changed for the better.

Ellis said...

Kissing a person of the same gender is not going to scar or harm a person. If they do it and find they don't enjoy the experience, there is no harm done. Homosexuality is not some ticking time bomb about to ravage a poor child's psyche and neither is that behaviour caused in ANY way by a simple song. If a person is attracted to the same gender it will very likely be acted upon. Perhaps some may find this song reassuring them that they're not completely weird or unnatural for their sexuality, who knows. If not, Katy Perry's little ditty (which, I might add, many lesbians find offensive due to the lyrics indicating a willingness to exploit them for a little fun) is not going to have any effect.

What's "changed"? The fact that this sort of behaviour doesn't have to be hidden away or discussed as "immoral", except by those too blinded by homophobia and outdated beliefs to accept that people have the right to be in a relationship with whoever they damn please.

I suggest you get used to it, because there's no going back from here. And to all those who take the same line, I hope your children grow up to be a little more accepting then you. Grow up.

monroe123 said...

As a younger member of society myself I can honestly say that it doesn't matter what your parents say you will listen/see/kiss who you want. and personally I don't believe that a song can make people gay, you are who you are and to be a good parent you should accept that!
I'm not gay but I have kissed girls and it wasn't because of music it was part of growing up and experimenting and finding out who I was. You can't be taught to love someone you love who you love and why does it have to be catigorised? I understand that you have children but have to let them be who thay are and accept them for what they are and they will be who they want to be whether you like it or not and it's nothing to do with the media people experimented way before it was sang about or shown on t.v it's just acceptable nowadays and I think that's a good thing, we should treat everyone equally maybe that's the thing you should be teaching to your child and not hate and making out that to want to kiss or like someone of the same gender is wrong! my parents didn't and i'm straight, but I can respect people with different choices or beliefs at the end of the day we are all the same! and we are all gods creation!

Sporn said...

You sir, with your hate-mongering, and your blatant homophobia, are a great danger to your country. I don't know if you got the memo, but everybody with half a brain has agreed that homosexuality is NOT a choice. Let me say that again: NOT A CHOICE!!!!! And even if it was, it would not be a result from a kid listening to a goddamn SONG! And besides, there is NOTHING wrong with homosexuality. I am a teen, some close family members and friends of mine are gay, and if anything I am a better person for knowing them. I really hope your son turns out to be gay, because since his father is such a bigot, if there is indeed a just and loving god (and given that people who agree with you exist, I would have to say there isn't), it is only right. To all of you concerned parents; this may sound unfounded coming from a teen, but you can NOT provide a filter for your child. If he/she is gay, he/she will be gay, no matter what they see/hear. Do you not realize that you will not always be around to enforce your puritanical ways? WIll you go to college with your child? WIll you sit behind them in the movie theater, covering their eyes? Will you only let them see/listen to anti-gay content? All that that would accomplish is making your kids feel like abominations which may cause permanent phycological damage. I close this rant with the words of the famous comedian Bill Maher: "Lesbian kisses are not offensive, they are just cries for attention."