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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hair Loss

Here is a review for a product review site. How intriguing! Hair Loss Treatment did not say whether it is sponsored by the products they were reviewing on line so I am not quite sure of the legitimacy of their reviews of those hair loss treatment products. Nonetheless, if you are currently having this hair loss problem, you might want to take a minute to look at the site as it gives you comparison of the different products. They do claim that "by comparing several hair loss products and alopecia treatments, our research has found these top three hair loss products listed" and "these natural supplements were selected due to their fast and proven results, product quality, and customer satisfaction." However, they did not site the where and how the research was done with how many in their sample. As a person who has engaged in some graduate studies, I am skeptical when people claim that "studies" have been done. Besides listing those top three "proven results" products, Hair Loss Treatment does provide some educational information about hair loss and how to prevent it. I was relieved to find out that hair dyeing is not related to hair loss. What a relief as I do like to dye my hair!